Pit Of Komodo Dragons

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Daryl Eby
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Pit Of Komodo Dragons

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Pit Of Komodo Dragons Shocked To Discover Billionaire Who Owns Them Is Just 26

http://www.theonion.com/articles/pit-of ... :3:Default

"NEW YORK—While lying dormant in their 12-foot-deep, climate-controlled pit earlier this morning, the nine Komodo dragons recently purchased by local billionaire Kyle Edmunds were stunned to discover that the obscenely wealthy magnate who owns them is just 26 years old. “I guess I always assumed we were the novelty pets of some old, eccentric oil tycoon type, but apparently, this Kyle kid was born in friggin 1987,” said one member of the surprised pack of Indonesian monitor lizards, adding that he couldn’t believe they were the fanciful, spectacularly expensive whim of “some twerp in his mid-20s.” “He and his dork friends made some sort of app in college, I guess, and now he has a giant pit filled with Komodo dragons in his mansion. I mean, I thought we belonged to, like, Warren Buffet, or at least some crazed South American drug lord. But this kid?” At press time, the Komodo dragons were reportedly devouring the large carcass of a young water buffalo while shaking their heads and muttering, “The guy’s name is Kyle, for Christ’s sake.”"

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Kelly Mc
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Re: Pit Of Komodo Dragons

Post by Kelly Mc »

Feeder Water Buffaloes. Who knew

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Mark Brown
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Re: Pit Of Komodo Dragons

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Gotta love The Onion! Thanks for posting that, Daryl.....I usually check The Onion regularly but I've been busy lately and missed that one.

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