Varanoid bite study

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Varanoid bite study

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I am currently involved in a project to collect anecdotal first hand accounts of symptoms experience from the bites of Varanid (Monitor lizard) bites.
If any one has any first hand accounts of symptoms experienced from a Varanid (Monitor lizard) bite. Please leave a comment bellow detailing the species the duration of the bite and symptoms felt. I can also be reached through a private message or through my email [email protected] .
"However it cannot be emphasize enough that the venom of even the largest of Varanid (Monitor lizards) commonly kept as pets (e.g. Asian water monitor, Nile monitor lizards, Black throat s, lace monitors ect.) will not pose a danger to a human. So these animals should not be considered as 'venomous' from a legislative or practical perspective in the same sense that a Beaded lizard or a Gila Monster would. However, these represent a vast, virtually untapped resource for drug design and development. The potential for these novel venoms has already been demonstrated by a novel diabetes drug that has developed from he exendin-4 peptide found in the venom of the critically endangered Beaded lizards and Gila Monsters. This highlights we need to conserve all of nature is impossible to predict where the next wonder drug may come from. The next billion dollar blockbuster that saves countless lives may come from something as unlikely as the venom of the Komodo dragon". Fry Bryan 2013.
Reference - HerpNation issue 2013. Myth busting Komodo Dragon's Killer Bacteria By Bryan Greig Fry.

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