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Tim Borski
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Post by Tim Borski »

Are all the chapters gone? I only see the forum.

Thanks in advance,

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Bryan Hamilton
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Re: chapters.

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Brian Hubbs
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Re: chapters.

Post by Brian Hubbs »

Scott is contemplating adding regional forums. I hope he does.

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Scott Waters
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Re: chapters.

Post by Scott Waters »

Hello. Yes, I'd look into some regional forums. Definitely on a need basis, meaning I'm not launching them "all", rather only those who would be used in a big way. The Forum is the community I believe in first and foremost, but again, will happily discuss Regions (not chapters) with you all.

I've laid out my reasons for the steps I've taken recently, so I won't rehash that here. If anyone is interested in FHF Regions, shoot
me a PM. I'm totally open to it.


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