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Snakes and the Alaskan land bridge

Posted: March 25th, 2020, 9:56 am
by AEthelred
This is a post on the Alaskan land bridge theory,a belief I hold that North American snakes came from east Asia and crossed the Alaskan land bridge at a time when the climate was hospitable to snakes.

North America has pit vipers and one species of Elapid,the Coral snake which are both found in eastern Asia,there are no pit vipers west of India.

Although old world and new world coral snakes are different,old world Coral snakes are found near where there are a lot of pit vipers in southeast Asia,and there are pit vipers and Coral snakes found in north and south and central America.

It seems clear that pit vipers and Coral snakes crossed into the America's,why else would species indigenous to eastern Asia end up in the America's.

Krait theory:Did new world Corals evolve from Kraits not old world Corals?

New and old world Corals are quite a bit different and Kraits like new world Corals are small,banded,eat snakes,highly toxic venom but small venom yield and live in eastern Asia and could have also made the crossing to the America's.

The big question is why didn't true vipers,which there are some in east Asia and Cobra's also make the crossing? I can't answer that but it clearly seems North and South American snakes came from east Asia.Plus there are no pit vipers west of India (or possibly Pakistan),only true vipers in Africa and Europe.

If American snakes came from elsewhere then why don't we have true vipers or Cobra's.Now Africa did bump into North America millions of years ago which created the Apalachian mountain range from the upheaval of the two continents coliding.However the bump was likely the plates under the two continents that colided,I don't think America and Africa ever connected.Of coarse there was a time when all the continents were connected but this was a very long time ago.