Led Lights not as good as they look

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Re: Led Lights not as good as they look

Post by hcarlton »

So, basically the same issues as there are already with lights in those color spectra...problems with light pollution have been something being fought for some time now though, so it's the same principle that needs to be addressed.

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Re: Led Lights not as good as they look

Post by Kelly Mc »

The factor exacerbating the issue though, is the truth in the comment about decision makers going with the cheapest lighting or lighting that only serves one interest.

Ive noted a miniaturized version of this in the herpetoculture hobby.. complete with unwarranted mythologies about more photobiologically relevant lighting ie; ultraviolet inclusive fluorescents, that costs more.

But its the various mental impressions attached that we have picked up becoming "belief" that is more dangerous to knowledge than the ubiquitous wavelengths we cannot percieve, but herps can.

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