Michigan Native Snake Breeding/Selling

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Michigan Native Snake Breeding/Selling

Post by millmoss »

I know this isn't a legal forum, and I'm posting more for curiosity's sake after trying to acquire some Michigan snakes.

Based on the document here:

http://www.michigan.gov/documents/RegsO ... 4917_7.pdf

It sounds like it would be legal to take two redbellied snakes from the wild.

Based on the language here, it would be illegal for me to sell those original wild caught snakes. But what if they turned out to be a pair and had babies?

#5 under personal take says "All reptiles and amphibians taken for personal take shall not be bought, sold or offered for

It doesn't say anything about the offspring of those animals taken. Do you just assume that they are not to be sold as well? Or do you go by the actual statement?

Also, if it is illegal to sell, would it be illegal to give the offspring away to educational programs, or private parties?

Thanks for any insight.


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Re: Michigan Native Snake Breeding/Selling

Post by justinm »

There are two things to consider with laws. The letter of the law and the spirit of the law. I think Law enforcement has some leeway on this and how they enforce the law. I would contact the local DNR as your police officers likely have no idea on conservation laws. I know our conservation officers in Illinois use their discretion, and in my experience have been very approachable and interested in offering support.

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