Dwarf Pixie Frog P. Edilus

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Dwarf Pixie Frog P. Edilus

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I have always loved the African Bullfrog or pixie frog, and it has been my favorite frog for a long time. When I was at a recent reptile expo I acquired a juvenile. I know a lot about the species and habits (didn't impulse buy and I am experienced) but was just looking for more info about terrarium setup and how to tell male from female, etc. Right now he? is living in a 15 gallon tank with 50-50 coconut fiber and Forest floor about 4 inches worth. I mist the tank often. Also a shelter, water bowl, sphagnum moss, etc. He is a good feeder and eats a few crickets and mealworms with relish. A uv bulb and heater on low power (just enough to keep it a bit above room temperature). Spends a lot of time burrowed. I you have any info I would appreciate it.

Sorry pictures aren't the greatest, I try not to handle my amphibians unless I need to so I couldn't exactly "pose" him. :crazyeyes:


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Re: Dwarf Pixie Frog P. Edilus

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I have cared for many adspersus but only one edulis. My opinion of its sex wavered i found it confusing not having a platform of adult comparisons.

I kept it the same. One thing I recommend though that may be different but useful perhaps, is controlling the feeding event. I feed them large, dense whole food from forceps. Dubia, silkworms, nightcrawlers, pinks, fish. Small quick food like live crickets easily duck into the biome and pollute it by crapping or expiring, while the frogs themselves neatly defecate in the water feature, making it easy to empty, scald and replenish.

The frogs will also eat media materials and batter themselves against cage artifact repeatedly surging for the crickets. Even though i usually fed mine from forceps - he injured his eye against the inside of his water feature in adamant seize of nightcrawlers left in it.

It may never happen, but feeding them nice large prey off of forceps is pleasant preventative.

I think they are cool frogs.

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