captive bred zonata and chuckwallas needed for nature ctrs

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captive bred zonata and chuckwallas needed for nature ctrs

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Does anyone have, or know someone who has, CB zonata and/or chuckwallas that can be donated to nature centers in So. Cal.?

I received a request from a program manager working for the BLM in Moreno Valley - CA Desert Districts. She needs two chuckwallas for educational outreach programs.
Here is a quote from her email:
"I work for the BLM in Moreno Valley and I own all the native reptiles that were in our reptile house at the fair. I use them for educational purposes to teach people (especially inner city kids) that our native reptiles are useful to all of us, really amazing, and should not be feared."

She also would like to replace her very old CA mountain king with a younger, friendlier specimen.

In addition, she mentioned that one of her contacts at the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Riverside may need a mountain king.

She wants captive bred individuals if at all possible. Rescues would be a second option, while wild-caught specimens are not really desired.

Please post a reply and let me know if you might be able to help out. I'll put you in contact with the correct people.



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Re: captive bred zonata and chuckwallas needed for nature ct

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Not sure if this person still does this or participates in this forum, but check this thread out:


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