A little Crypto Paranoia

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A little Crypto Paranoia

Post by jayder85 »

I would just like some thoughts and opinions of others more knowledgeable than I. So back 8n the fall I acquired a small group of Pituophis to add to my collection. I have observed all quarantine protocols and continue to handle them last. After getting the group and clearing quarantine, I was made aware that a crypto outbreak had occurred in the collection that I received the animals from, about three years prior and that all diagnosed animals were euthanized. Should I worry about the babies that I got being carriers? I know the other collector well and know them to be very clean and meticulous. Just a little paranoia that I would like to put to ease one way or the others. The hatchlings I received are 2015 offspring.

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Kelly Mc
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Re: A little Crypto Paranoia

Post by Kelly Mc »

You probably don't have to worry, but nothing eases paranoia like solid diagnostics.

Avian biotech.com is the most practical avenue.

They accept reptile samples and the acid stain is accurate. It is not necessary to identify the genotype and species, the test is the same.

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Berkeley Boone
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Re: A little Crypto Paranoia

Post by Berkeley Boone »

Agreed. Kelly said it best, and succinctly!

I think you should be fine after a time period like you mentioned (three years). But yes, it still makes the adrenal gland give a little squirt jut thinking about it, doesn't it?


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Re: A little Crypto Paranoia

Post by regalringneck »

... its never fine ... be paranoid & stay that way ... i wouldnt relax for @ least 1 year w/ anything C/B regardless of who provided it ...including mother Theresa ... once you've been burned 2x + & euthanize multiple tubs of beautiful animals ... then you too will fully understand my gift .. of honesty ... 2 pukes & away dey goe ... heres some boiler plate txt ...
& funnily enough ... rarely will anybuddy sell me chyt & i like it that way : }


Due to the inherently uncertain nature of purchasing transactions conducted via the internet, the primary purpose of this agreement is to define the conditions & terms of the pending sale of live animals. Sellers of live animals need to adopt protocols that eliminate cross contamination of their stock, buyers need to adopt protocols that maintain healthy collections. Sellers need to understand, selling unhealthy stock is a biological assault on my collection & returning to a sum-zero outcome is unacceptable, there has to be a penalty for such unethical conduct.

Once a sales agreement has been reached, the seller should print this document, fill out the appropriate sections & mail it w/ the critter to the buyer. The buyer should then complete the document make a copy & return a copy w/ original signature to the seller.

This document is to serve as a contract between _________________hereafter referred to as the “buyer”, and__________________________________________ hereafter referred to as the “seller” _______________. It expires on __________.

The buyer agrees to pay the sum of $_____ for _______ live _______. The buyer also agrees to pay $_______ for its shipping.
The buyer agrees to maintain the animals in a new temporary container that has not previously held live animals for the health warranty period (60 days). If the buyer chooses to retain animals that regurgitate or are otherwise unhealthy, the implied warranty is void.
The buyer agrees to maintain the animals as directed by the seller during the warranty period.

The seller warrants the animals live & healthy at delivery & for a warranty period of 60 days.
The seller warrants that each animal sold is in normal (good) health, with no abnormal physical conditions. Coloration, &/or patterns that are not normal should be disclosed, preferably via .jpeg image prior to closing the sale.
The seller expressly acknowledges that an animal that is not healthy is without value and indeed w/o value thus must be replaced or the monies (including shipping fees) refunded in a timely manner ( < 10 days) to the buyer.
The seller states it/they have been feeding on ___________.
The seller states the animals feces are normal and no regurgitation events have occurred.
The seller agrees if the buyer claims within 30 days of receiving the animal, that it has regurgitated or has physical abnormalities, the seller will have the choice to replace it, or have the animal returned & a refund then processed. Whichever choice the seller makes, this action is to be completed within 10 working days.
The seller may require documentation to support the buyers claim, this documentation can be a notorized statement &/or .jpeg images.
The seller agrees to incur all additional shipping charges associated with a returned animal &/or its replacement.

Buyer__________________________ Seller___________________________
Sign & Date Sign & Date

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Re: A little Crypto Paranoia

Post by lateralis »

Old thread but as regal said "it's never fine" stay vigilant and trust nobody. There is an individual known to this forum that has no problem selling infected snakes to people. Had I known then what I know now, I would have sent this POS packing, and most likely with a busted snout for being so evil. Crypto is no joke, it will wipe out your entire collection. If you are in doubt just think how it will feel if you have to start putting your animals down, and I'm not talking about one or two, try a colony of cbb senticolis that you raised from the egg to breeding size only to snuff them when they hit maturity. That's biological warfare and worthy of a serious beating.

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