Seeking northern coal skinks.

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Seeking northern coal skinks.

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I should preface this post by saying that I have read the rules that this section of the forum is not intended to be a classifieds section. However, I can't think of any other section of these forums where this post would make any sense and I'm hoping that this post will be tolerable given that this is intended for educational purposes and I'm not attempting to peddle my wares.

Anyway, some of you may recognize this from faunaclassifieds.
Greetings everybody!

I am interested in buying a pair of coal skinks for a niche breeding project for my environmental science class. The weather is still a bit crummy so I don't expect too much at the moment, but if anybody has coal skinks available I'd love to hear from you.

Northern subspecies is highly preferred [since I'm in New York and that would make far more sense], requesting a male and a female... although lone individuals can be acceptable to use as display animals.

CBB individuals would be fantastic but... I'm not expecting too much on that front.

Send me a PM or reply to this post.

Also, If these skinks are wild caught please specify where they are coming from. I need to know to apply for the proper permits with the NYS DEC. These skinks are to be used for educational purposes, but I need to know the exact quantity and gender, and which state they were originally collected from.

Cheers! If I don't hear anything I'll rebump this thread when spring gets rolling.

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