Internal Parasites

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Internal Parasites

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I found a great post on this site sometime ago, unfortunately it took sometime for the account to become and me to post abs i can no longer find it.

I have been dealing with issues in my collection for about a year now.

It started when one anial had a liquid and mucas bowel movement. days later another regurgitated and then the fist regurgitated.

I immediately went to the vet abs paid for emergency testing on both animals, the vets were convinced of crypto. we did stomach lavage, fecal tests etc abs all negitive

over the coming weeks we had more animals become ill, not as bad but clearly upset stomach. with bloating on and off follow by a smelly, sandy feces

I took sample after sample to the vet, was told they were clean, we treated with flagyl witch seems to help but they would relapse after

after thousands of miles and dollars i decided to switch vets

when retrieving the tests for the new vets i saw clearly the original snake had tested positive for hook worm and infact the test said there were many

the animal went untreated

sorry another snake bust out in blisters, not like scale rot but like the snake had become septic, we tried to save her but she passed

about a month later another snake let our jet black liquid and yet again the blisters.

I was determined to save this animal, i have her a large does of flagyl followed by 7 treatments of ceftazidime

the same scale issues cleared up, that snake doesn’t seem cured but she is back to perfect looking scon and has great movement and weight but still seems to have an upset stomach

I then went to get another vet

i spent 1 entire week collecting samples abs rushing them to get tested

i brought them 15 plus fresh fecals from that entire room and another room where i keep colubrids completly separate

I also brought fecals from our red foots and water monitors

the vet said all were clean but 1 yellow tail cribo has lung worm in its fecal, we treated that hole room with fenbendizole

the original room and
problems persisted and have so i bought my
own micro scope and fecal solution. every animal in the room tests positive for eggs!

this has gone on for over a year, i’ve literally spent every dollar i have trying to fix this. I’m so disappointed with the vets, i have attached pictures of my findings, if anyone has any ideas
please let me know

i’m waiting for the original animal to pass a fecal, i told them i’ll be testing have here and if i find eggs i’ll be rushing the second half to them and if the lab says there is nothing i want my thousands of dollars refunded!

i’m found to try abs attaché photos

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Re: Internal Parasites

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i have no idea why it
posted that lol i picked pictures, i’ll try again

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Re: Internal Parasites

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Dont feel bad. I once accidentally posted a thumbnail vid of me practicing asking my boss for time off with my partner. Your good.

I dont think you will be able to get reimbursed though. Allowing that opens up a practice to allot for uncontrollable variables and mortality.

Perhaps examination of transmission factors could be helpful if you could provide more details.

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