Nephrurus Cinctus hatching

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Nephrurus Cinctus hatching

Post by csalemi731 »

Recently hatched out a group of nephrurus cinctus. I recorded a time lapse video of one hatching in my incubator. The video was taken over the span of 6 hours. I hope to one day see knobtails in the wild!

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Kelly Mc
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Re: Nephrurus Cinctus hatching

Post by Kelly Mc »

Oh very cool. The time lapse is a first here.

Really neat species of gecko. It would be great to see more and read of your keeping modalities.

FHF is more like a museum than other online herp sites where social cultures and mod hierarchies dominate the forum theme.

Your documentation would have a serious home here.

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Re: Nephrurus Cinctus hatching

Post by doccod »

Very cool video!

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