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Herpetoculture Forum Terms of usage.....(MUST READ)

Posted: March 14th, 2011, 1:25 pm
by Scott Waters
The Herpetoculture Forum is another Herp Nation Network cooperative of knowledge. What we share with each other makes the most difference, not the hoarding information for other gains. If the choice is made to care for a herp in captivity, it is then the responsibility of the keeper to do whatever it takes to care for that animal appropriately. Use this forum with the goal of setting an example within the herpetoculture community. A goal of the highest standard at all times.

This is NOT A CLASSIFIEDS SECTION. Any attempts to do so will result in immediate action against membership.

Please take note and carry on with some great discussions, images, data, and other relevant information to help us all get a better understanding of anything we choose to house in captivity. If you do not adhere to these principles, we would suggest that you do not use this particular sub-forum.

Scott Waters