Pituophis individual temperament and Ramrod

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Pituophis individual temperament and Ramrod

Post by SurfinHerp »

I've been finding gopher snakes in California since the late 70's and have noticed so much variability in individual temperament. Here's a story about an extreme temperament I'd like to share:
In 1989 my roommates and I found a thick 5 footer that was so afraid of people it went straight and stiff as a metal rod when handled. He was so strong, I couldn't bend him an inch. We called him Ramrod and kept him for a couple of weeks hoping he would learn to relax. He never did, so we released him back into the hills. I've not found another snake exhibiting this 'ramrod' behavior.

Has anyone else come across a snake that went stiff as a rod when handled??


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Re: Pituophis individual temperament and Ramrod

Post by BillMcGighan »

Similar rigid response by a FL ring-necked, after it was harrassed by a cat.

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