Who's a big fierce kingsnake?

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Who's a big fierce kingsnake?

Post by Paul White » June 18th, 2011, 7:05 pm


Axanthic het hypo (from a hypo het axanthic to an axanthic). About 5 days old when that picture was taken and bound and determined to eat my camera. THankfully s/he (haven't sexed yet) is eating well, as are the siblings--2 clutches, 9 out of 11 having eaten f/t mice for 2 meals now, with the others having taken a live pinky.

I haven't sexed yet because I figure it is stressful for them (at least I'd be stressed if you crammed a probe up any of my holes) and I also figure a less stressed snake is more likely to eat and thrive. I'll sex in a month or so, after another shed or two.

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