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Author:  kevin h [ August 24th, 2017, 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Crayfish Interest

Hi everyone,

I for much of my life have always been strictly a herper and stuck mostly to the herp forum but as I've begin to see everything in my area new topics become more interesting. As of late I find myself getting very curious about crayfish. I frequently flip them up while looking for salamanders and they seem to vary quite a bit and are often very pretty. Is there any forum that's dedicated specifically to crayfish native to the US or more specifically the Eastern US? My home state of Kentucky has 54 native species which is a lot for a crayfish noob like myself. Does anyone know of a good website that might help someone who doesn't know any latin names ID them? Any help would be greatly appreciated along with any tips about looking for crayfish or the crayfish searching community if one exists. Also I know some people eat crayfish but this is not what I'd be wanting to do and any finds would be returned after a quick photography session.

Thanks again, Kevin.

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