In search of the extinct

Another fascinating part of field herping, along with all the other natural wonders we encounter, is the invertebrates! This forum is dedicated to both field and captive invertebrates.

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In search of the extinct

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The Sooty Crayfish - Pacifastacus nigrescens

Probably extinct. I'm going to look for it though in the Mt Diablo watershed while also looking for remnant Rana boylii next year. Last time I went to Mount Diablo looking for Rana boylii, only found Rana draytonii in the creeks I checked.

It was a Bay Area native known from streams on north side of SF Bay and I believe east side too (e.g. Berkeley and El Cerrito supposedly had them)

Anyway -

``There have been no authenticated collections in 20th Century.''

That's from

Yet I found this 1908 reference - ... menID=4219

The 1908 reference is to an allegedly introduced population near Truckee River in Washoe County, NV that was established.

Does anyone know if that record is validated? And if it has been validated, have surveys been done in Washoe County, NV to determine if the species has maybe been preserved outside its native range?

Thanks for any information.

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