Finding Felids

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Josh Holbrook
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Finding Felids

Post by Josh Holbrook »

Alright: here's one for you all.

What's the best way to find felids? I'm thinking Florida Panther's in particular. I've seen 4, and heard an additional one vocalizing, but I'd be interested in what the tried and true methods are (if they exist.) Obviously, I'm frequently out roadcruising in the evening, but any further tips would be appreciated.


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Curtis Hart
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Re: Finding Felids

Post by Curtis Hart »

I think road cruising is your best bet. You could also try getting a decoy and predator call.

This has brought in Mountain Lions out west, it may work in Florida. I have one, but haven't used it much. I think I did call in a bobcat with a distressed rabbit call once. Owls come in regularly and calls will bring in alligators as well.

If you just want to get a picture, try getting a hunting model motion camera and then spray CK1 on the location where you want the cat to be. I hear this works.

Good luck,


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Re: Finding Felids

Post by mrichardson »

Road cruising, and where permitted, using a powerful spotlight in open areas to pick up eyeshine. I've found Scottish Wildcat and Iberian Lynx this way.

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