A Opossum plays hog-nose

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A Opossum plays hog-nose

Post by BillMcGighan »

So,,,, There I am in the middle of a rainy night.

I’m making my way through this creek bottom in the bushes, on the edge of a trail, more than a mile away from a any paved road and those crazy humans, not bothering anyone, looking for tasty fruits, berries, grubs, and maybe a frog, if I’m lucky, and .. BAM!...
This wolf jumps into the bushes, right next to me, and scares the b’jesus out of me. It had big jaws and teeth.

I thought I was going to die, and had a vasovagal syncope right there. I went out like a light and looked like I had just been clubbed to death or something.


I guess the wolf wasn’t hungry, because it didn’t even bite me; just looked at me with evil eyes and terrible jaws, inches from my throat.
I just layed there hoping it would leave me alone!


Then, insult on insult, a dumbass human comes out of nowhere, starts poking me with its foot, asking “are you OK?” and pulls me out by the tail to the trail; sooooo embarrassing and hope none of my neighbors see this, especially those annoying Raccoons
(As far as I’m concerned, what happens with the vagas nerve, stays with the vagas nerve!)

I look up and saw it’s not a wolf, but an old, weird guy looking at salamanders and his dog…. A dog of all things…. I just got up and walked off in disgust.


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Re: A Opossum plays hog-nose

Post by Tamara D. McConnell »

This is wonderful!

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Re: A Opossum plays hog-nose

Post by Critter Farm »

Thanks for posting - I enjoy all stories and photos of the widely misunderstood Opossum!

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