Albino Deer

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Albino Deer

Post by melissaisdown »

Spotted this last week:


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Kelly Mc
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Re: Albino Deer

Post by Kelly Mc »

That shot is so mystical and splendid.

Please allow me to share a memory because of it, I will be as brief as I can be but I have never written it out before.

So many here I do not know or will ever see will understand.

When I was 9 years old I got to go camping with my aunt and uncle and my 15 year old cousin, Keith.

It was beautiful. Too much to be able to explain. There were also deer and they came to the campsite, very habituated to the people.

Keith was a mean spirited kid. He had a Star Trek gun it was gold plastic and shot disks. I liked the gun I had one too at home. The disks were pretty good they could knock over small robots no problem.

But Keith was using his to shoot grasshoppers and lizards and everything else small. I hated him.

He was supposed to look after me and so I took my revenge by disappearing in the trees, I climbed up high and saw him sweating it out when he realized I was gone, trying to locate me before my aunt and uncle caught on he lost track of me. It was Splendid.

Time passed and I scootched down a little lower in the tree I was in, and fit myself into the V of the tree. I was real tiny and liked being in the V.

More time passed and a group of deer walked in front of me - they could smell me they were trying to find out where I was too. They were close enough to touch and I could see their nostrils thinking.

And one was White - a white doe walking among the rest.

Then one of them bunched up her hinds and sprung a run and they all disappeared.

I don't remember coming out of the tree but I did. That's the only way I can describe it.

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Re: Albino Deer

Post by Porter »

There's an albino Wild Turkey just outside of Elk Grove, Ca. I've seen it two years in a row now, but a photo looks too difficult. It's behind a fence and way far out in the open fields. I probably wouldn't have been able to ID it from the hwy without the other turkeys in the group. Awesome pic :thumb:

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