Cool Nafha and Naherp links

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Cool Nafha and Naherp links

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I copied this list from the CA chapter. I think our members will find it useful. Dave, could you make this a sticky?

Database list/Life List
For a Life List you log on to your account FIRST then go here.

GPS Errors
Also while your a logged into your account your can view your entries that have GPS errors (Wrong counties and such)

Entries without GPS
While Logged in, click on "view my records" on the left side column, then add this to the url ; &missinggps=1

We need to add GPS to entries that don't have them, not a single data request has come across that wants records without GPS.. PLEASE ADD GPS.. There is a little wrench above the GPS portion of the entry that you can click on, and just find it on the map.. "its THAT easy".. If your concerned about sensitivity, just click on "Closed" for the record sensitivity and only release your "closed" records to those your Trust COMPLETELY.

National DOR List

DOR List by year
Also you can put a year on it like this by adding this ?year=2012
National Scorecard Current Year

National Scorecard Past Years
2011 -
2010 -
2009 -

All Time Scorecard -Very Cool Takes a minute to load

Cool features..
Profile edits
To View your profile click on "profile" in the upper right hand corner while logged into naherp

You can change how species are listed and put the common name at the top by changing this preference
"Display order for taxa in search results "

Change how many are listed by adjusting this field
"How many search results should be listed per page:"

Change Default security level
"Default security level for new records:"

Change what happens to your data if you miss a vote
"When a request for data is approved, but I did not vote:"

ALSO VERY important please make sure your email address is an email you check
"E-mail Address:"

You can also view which chapters you are "officially" a member of

Note if you don't see Arizona or any other chapters you thought you were a part of please make sure
your FHF ( username matches EXACTLY to the name entered in this field
"Field Herp Forum Username: "

Other Cool Features while viewing your records

Viewing your records in Google Earth
If you have Google Earth Loaded on your PC, Click on
"My Records in Google Earth"
on the left hand column while logged in.. It is a MEGA COOL feature and if you haven't done it yet, YOUR MISSING OUT!!

You can also export your records
Click on Export My Records... This is an awesome way to send info to people or agencies, or whoever outside of a data request. This is a great way to add private notes and to keep an extra copy offsite as backup..

You can view Data Requests
By clicking on the view data requests link on the left hand column.


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Re: Cool Nafha and Naherp links

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Terry ... can you sticky this... I'm still not able too.

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