areas not represented in the database

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areas not represented in the database

Post by chrish » February 8th, 2015, 5:13 pm

Just looking at the database map ( and noticed a few things about the distribution of data.

We have a pretty good representation of where herpers herp:

1. North and Central America are pretty well represented. Canada isn't well represented, but it isn't really a "herper's paradise".
2. South America is represented a little. Brazil seems to be wide open however! Southern S. American isn't really a herpers paradise either, but still, they have herps.
3. Africa - we have herps from where herpers go and a few other areas. Namibia, S. Africa, Botswana and other areas of southern Africa have some records. Morocco and a few areas of west/cental Africa have some records. East Central Africa (Tanzania) has some representation. Madagascar as well.
4. Asia - India and China have quite a few records as does Sri Lanka. South East Asia is well represented.
5. Australasia - Australia has a lot of records, but mostly from a few areas. Needs some inland representation (if herpmapper is buying, I'm willing to go gather data!)

Obvious deficits:
Clearly there are areas where English speaking herpers don't travel much for a variety of reason and so we wouldn't expect much from there.
- Central Asia
- saharan and sahel regions of Africa
- parts of the middle east and south Central Asia

We do have 47K records, but almost 94% of those are from the US, and the US and Mexico account for over 95% of the records.

But places that should be represented but aren't include -

Israel - I have seen a number of herping posts from Israel over the years on the FHF. Where is that data?
Turkey - there is a single record for Turkey, even though I have seen a number of herping trips to Turkey on the forum
Oman - where's Moloch's data for his great Omani trips?
the UK - !!! Why do we not have any records at all for this area? I know we have herpers there!

Not complaining, we just have plenty of room for expansion and improvement!


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