[Video] More SoCal Herping Fun

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[Video] More SoCal Herping Fun

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I've recently been cutting video from my herping warchest and pulled out some footage from the same trip where I visited a few people that make herp related videos that live in southern California. The video below even references a few other people here on the FHF with some small tips that helped me out.

Furthermore my friend Matt from the YouTube channel KrazyKids also made a video of the trip plus a few bonus adventures. He can be a little goofy but I appreciate his flavor of lighthearted family herping fun.

I owe a thank you to LouB747 for inviting me to catch some desert iguanas with him and his family/friends. You can see one herping trip from three perspectives with different gear and video editing styles.

Lastly, my buddy Silence Dogood makes great videos but I think he focused more on photos while I visited him on that socal trip. I haven't ever seen him promote his videos here on the FHF so I'll post one of my favorite videos of his from last year on the sly!

It was a ton of fun to meet up with some fellow herpers with a video specialization! There are dozens of us! Dozens!!

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