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 Post subject: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: June 29th, 2012, 4:44 pm 
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I just finished catching up and editing my life lists and though I would show off the herp list here. I would be interested in seeing others lists and how they keep them as well.

First, here are my parameters: On my herp list, I list subspecies as well as species, including anything that has ever been described as a species or subspecies, e.g. Kelly Island Salamander Ambystoma nothagenes, these are indicated with an asterisk.

If I'm field herping in a group, I will count species that others find as long as I'm within shouting distance. I do not count species others find while road hunting in a separate vehicle than me.

Per ABA rules, I do count species identified by their calls but not seen.

While I do not consider DORs to be lifers, or include them in my totals, I do list individuals I've never seen alive before in a separate section at the end of the list.

Of course, life listing is purely for the satisfaction of the individual keeping the list, and therefor I feel everyone should be entitled to their own rules and parameters.

Other lists I keep include: mammals, freshwater fishes, crayfish, and, of course, birds. Maybe I'll post some of these on the other appropriate forums.

Herpetofauna Life List:

Total Species and Subspecies (370)


Family Ambystomatidae

Mole Salamander Ambystoma talpoideum (MO)
Ringed Salamander Ambastoma annulatum (MO)
Marbled Salamander Ambystoma opacum (MO)
Smallmouth Salamander Ambystoma texanum (MO)
Spotted Salamander Ambystoma maculatum (MO)
Eastern Tiger Salamander Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum (IL)
Blotched Tiger Salamander Ambystoma mavortium melanostictum (CO)
Arizona Tiger Salamander Ambystoma mavortium nebulosum (NM)
Barred Tiger Salamander Ambystoma mavortium mavortium (TX)
Blue Spotted Salamander Ambystoma laterale (MI)
Kelly Island Salamander Ambystoma nothagenes* (OH)

Family Cryptobranchidae

Eastern Hellbender Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis (MO)
Ozark Hellbender Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi (MO)

Family Plethodontidae

Spotted Dusky Salamander Desmognathus conanti (IL)
Apalachicola Dusky Salamander Desmognathus apalachicolae (FL)
Ouachita Dusky Salamander Desmognathus brimleyorum (AR)
Jordan's Salamander Plethodon jordani (NC)
Southern Red-backed Salamander Plethodon serratus (MO)
Northern Red-backed Salamander Plethodon cinereus (MI)
Eastern Zigzag Salamander Plethodon dorsalis dorsalis (IL)
Northern Slimy Salamander Plethodon glutinosus (IL)
Western Slimy Salamander Plethodon albagula (MO)
Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander Plethodon chlorobryonis (SC)
South Carolina Slimy Salamander Plethodon variolatus (SC)
Southeastern Slimy Salamander Plethodon grobmani (GA)
Oklahoma Salamander Eurycea tynerensis (MO)
Southern Two-lined Salamander Eurycea cirrigera (IL)
Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander Eurycea wilderae (Appalachians, AT)
Long-tailed Salamander Eurycea longicauda longicauda (MO)
Dark-sided Salamander Eurycea longicauda melanoplura (MO)
Three-lined Salamander Eurycea longicauda guttolineata (FL)
Cave Salamander Eurycea lucifuga (MO)
Dwarf Salamander Eurycea quadridigitata (TX)
Grotto Salamander Eurycea spelaeus (MO)
Southern Red Salamander Pseudotriton ruber vioscai (KY)
Four-toed Salamander Hemidactylium scutatum (MO)

Family Proteidae

Red River Mudpuppy Necturus louisianensis (MO)

Family Salamandridae

Red-spotted Newt Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens (Appalachians)
Central Newt Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis (MO)

Family Sirenidae

Western Lesser Siren Siren intermedia nettingi (IL)


Family Brachycephalidae

Greenhouse Frog Eleutherodactylus planirostris planirostris (FL)
Rio Grande Chirping Frog Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides campi (TX)

Family Bufonidae

Eastern American Toad Anaxyrus americanus americanus (MO)
Dwarf American Toad Anaxyrus americanus charlesmithi (MO)
Boreal Toad Anaxyrus boreas boreas (WY)
Arizona Toad Anaxyrus microscaphus (NM)
Southern Toad Anaxyrus terrestris (SC)
Woodhouse Toad Anaxyrus woodhousii (KS)
Fowler's Toad Anaxyrus fowleri (MO)
Gulf Coast Toad Anaxyrus valliceps valliceps (TX)
Red Spotted Toad Anaxyrus punctatus (TX)
Oak Toad Anaxyrus quercicus (NC)
Texas Toad Anaxyrus speciosus (TX)
Cane Toad Chaunus marinus (TX)
Wet Forest Toad Incilius melanochlorus (CR)

Family Craugastoridae

Common Rain Frog Craugastor fitzingeri (CR)

Family Dendrobatidae

Green and Black Poison Arrow Frog Dendrobates auratus (CR)
Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog Oophaga pumilio (CR)
Rainforest Rocket Frog Silverstone flotator (CR)

Family Hylidae

Southern Cricket Frog Acris gryllus gryllus
Florida Cricket Frog Acris gryllus dorsalis (FL)
Northern Cricket Frog Acris crepitans crepitans
Blanchard's Cricket Frog Acris crepitans blanchardi (MO)
Coastal Cricket Frog Acris crepitans paludicola (TX)
Green Tree Frog Hyla cinerea (MO)
Pine Woods Tree Frog Hyla femoralis (FL)
Squirrel Tree Frog Hyla squirella (SC)
Gray Tree Frog Hyla versicolor (MO)
Cope's Gray Tree Frog Hyla chrysoscelis (MO)
Bird-voiced Tree Frog Hyla avivoca (IL)
Barking Tree Frog Hyla gratiosa (FL)
Canyon Tree Frog Hyla arenicolor (AZ)
Northern Spring Peeper Pseudacris crucifer crucifer (MO)
Southern Spring Peeper Pseudacris crucifer bartramiana
Boreal Chorus Frog Pseudacris maculate (CO)
Western Chorus Frog Pseudacris triseriata triseriata (MO)
Florida Chorus Frog Pseudacris nigrita verrucosa (FL)
Upland Chorus Frog Pseudacris feriarum (IL)
Spotted Chorus Frog Pseudacris clarkii (TX)
Strecker's Chorus Frog Pseudacris streckeri streckeri (TX)
Illinois Chorus Frog Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis (IL)
Little Grass Frog Pseudacris ocularis (FL)
Cuban Tree Frog Osteopilus septentrionalis (FL)
Olive Tree Frog Scinax elaeochroa (CR)
Masked Tree Frog Smilisca phaeota (CR)
Drab Tree Frog Smilisca sordida (CR)
Marbled Tree Frog Trachycephalus venulosus (CR)
Red-eyed Tree Frog Agalychnis callidryas (CR)

Family Leiuperidae

Tungara Frog Engystomops pustulosus (CR)

Family Leptodactylidae

Barbour’s Thin-toed Frog Leptodactylus insularum (CR)
Smokey Jungle Frog Leptodactylus savagei (CR)

Family Microhylidae

Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad Gastrophryne carolinensis (MO)
Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad Gastrophryne olivacea (TX)

Family Pelobatidae

Eastern Spadefoot Scaphiopus holbrookii holbrookii (GA)
Couch's Spadefoot Scaphiopus couchii (TX)
Plains Spadefoot Spea bombifrons (MO)

Family Ranidae

Bull Frog Lithobates catesbeiana (MO)
Pig Frog Lithobates grylio (FL)
Bronze Frog Lithobates clamitans clamitans (MO)
Green Frog Lithobates clamitans melanota (MO)
River Frog Lithobates heckscheri (FL)
Wood Frog Lithobates sylvatica (MO)
Mink Frog Lithobates septentrionalis (MN)
Northern Leopard Frog Lithobates pipiens (IL)
Southern Leopard Frog Lithobates sphenocephalia (MO)
Plains Leopard Frog Lithobates blairi (MO)
Rio Grande Leopard Frog Lithobates berlandieri (TX)
Pickerel Frog Lithobates palustris (MO)
Northern Crawfish Frog Lithobates areolatus circulosus (IL)
Brilliant Forest Frog Lithobates warszewitschii (CR)
Columbia Spotted Frog Rana luteiventris (MT)


Family Alligatoridae

American Alligator Alligator mississippiensis (TX)
Spectacled Caiman Camin crocodiles (CR)

Family Crocodylidae

American Crocodile Crocodylus acutus (FL)


Family Cheloniidae

Atlantic Green Turtle Chelonia mydas mydas (FL)

Family Chelydridae

Snapping Turtle Chelydra serpentine (MO)
Alligator Snapping Turtle Macrochelys temminckii (MO)

Family Emydidae

Blanding's Turtle Emydoidea blandingii (MO)
Wood Turtle Glyptemys insculpta (NJ)
Spotted Turtle Clemmys guttata (NC)
Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene carolina carolina (IL)
Gulf Coast Box Turtle Terrapene carolina major (FL)
Three-toed Box Turtle Terrapene carolina triunguis (MO)
Ornate Box Turtle Terrapene ornata ornate (KS)
Common Map Turtle Graptemys geographica (MO)
False Map Turtle Graptmys pseudogeographica (MO)
Ouachita Map Turtle Graptemys ouachitensis ouachitensis (MO)
Yellowbelly Slider Trachemys scripta scripta (SC)
Red-eared Slider Trachemys scripta elegans (MO)
Red-bellied Turtle Pseudemys rubriventris (NC)
Florida Red-belly Turtle Pseudemys nelsoni (FL)
Missouri River Cooter Pseudemys concinna metteri* (MO)
Hieroglyphic River Cooter Pseudemys concinna hieroglyphica* (TN)
Texas River Cooter Pseudemys texana (TX)
Peninsula Cooter Pseudemys floridana peninsularis (FL)
Midland Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta mirganata (IL)
Southern Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta dorsalis (MO)
Western Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta bellii (MO)

Family Geoemydidae

Brown Wood Turtle Rhinoclemmys annulata (CR)
Black River Turtle Rhinoclemmys funereal (CR)

Family Kinosternidae

Eastern Mud Turtle Kinosternon subrubrum (SC)
Mississippi Mud Turtle Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis (MO)
White-lipped Mud Turtle Kinosternon leucostomum (CR)
Common Musk Turtle Sternotherus odoratus (MO)
Stripe-necked Mud Turtle Sternotherus minor peltifer (TN)

Family Testudinidae

Gopher Tortoise Gopherus polyphemus (FL)
Texas Tortoise Gopherus berlandieri (TX)
Desert Tortoise Gopherus agassizii (AZ)

Family Trionychidae

Western Spiny Softshell Apalone spinifera hartwegi (MO)
Florida Softshell Apalone ferox (FL)


Family Anguidae

Eastern Glass Lizard Ophisaurus ventralis (SC)
Western Slender Glass Lizard Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus (MO)
Arizona Alligator Lizard Elgaria kingii nobilis (NM)

Family Crotaphytidae

Eastern Collared Lizard Crotaphytus collaris collaris (MO)
Long-nosed Leopard Lizard Gambelia wislizenii (NM)

Family Gekkonidae

Texas Banded Gecko Coleonyx brevis (TX)
Tucson Banded Gecko Coleonyx variegatus bogerti (AZ)
Desert Banded Gecko Coleonyx variegatus (CA)
Tokay Gecko Gekko gecko (FL)
Indo-Pacific Gecko Hemidactylus garnotii (FL)
Mediterranean Gecko Hemidactylus turcicus turcicus (TX)
House Gecko Hemidactylus mabouia (FL)
House Gecko Hemidactylus frenatus (CR)
Yellow-headed Gecko Gonatodes albogularis (CR)

Family Helodermatidae

Reticulate Gila Monster Heloderma suspectum suspectum (AZ)

Family Phrynosomatidae

Eastern Zebra-tailed Lizard Callissaurus draconoides ventralis (AZ)
Lesser Earless Lizard Holbrookia maculate (CO)
Greater Earless Lizard Cophosaurus texanus scitulus (AZ)
Round-tailed Horned Lizard Phrynosoma modestum (NM)
Hernandez’s Short Horned Lizard Phrynosoma hernandesi hernandesi (NM)
Regal Horned Lizard Phrynosoma solare (AZ)
Rose-bellied Lizard Scleporous variabilis marmoratus (TX)
Blue Spiny Lizard Scleporous serrifer cyanogenys (TX)
Texas Spiny Lizard Scleporous olivaceus (TX)
Southern Fence Lizard Scleporous undulatus undulates
Northern Fence Lizard Scleporous undulatus hyacinthnus (MO)
Southern Prairie Lizard Scelporous undulatus consobrinus (OK)
Plateau Fence Lizard Sceloporus tristichus (AZ)
Great Basin Fence Lizard Sceloporus occidentalis longipes (CA)
Florida Scrub Lizard Sceloporus woodi (FL)
Orange-headed Spiny Lizard Sceloporus magister cephaloflavus (NM)
Crevice Spiny Lizard Sceloporus poinsetti poinsetti (NM)
Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard Sceloporus jarrovii (AZ)
Granite Spiny Lizard Sceloporus orcutti (CA)
Western Side-blotched Lizard Uta stansburiana elegans (AZ)
Eastern Side-blotched Lizard Uta stansburiana stejnegeri (NM)

Family Iguanidae

Green Iguana Iguana iguana (FL)(CR)
Black Spiny-tailed Iguana Ctenosaura similes (FL)(CR)
Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana Ctenosaura pectinata (FL)
Common Chuckwalla Sauromalus ater (AZ)
Northern Desert Iguana Dipsosaurus dorsalis dorsalis (AZ)

Family Polychridae

Green Anole Anolis carolinensis (SC)
Brown Anole Anolis sagrei (FL)
Crested Anole Anolis cristatellus (FL)(CR)
Knight Anole Anolis equestris (FL)
Bark Anole Anolis distichus (FL)
Neotropical Green Anole Anolis biporcatus (CR)
Ground Anole Anolis humilis (CR)
Slender Anole Anolis limifrons (CR)
Gulfo Dulce Anole Anolis polylepis (CR)

Family Scincidae

Ground Skink Scinella lateralis (MO)
Blue-tailed Mole Skink Plestiodon egregius lividus (FL)
Great Plains Skink Plestiodon obsoletus (TX)
Five-lined Skink Plestiodon fasciatus (MO)
South Eastern Five-lined Skink Plestiodon inexpectatus
Four-lined Skink Plestiodon tetragrammus (TX)
Broad-headed Skink Plestiodon laticeps (MO)
Southern Coal Skink Plestiodon anthracinus (MO)

Family Tropiduridae

Northern Curly-tailed Lizard Leiocephalus carinatus (FL)

Family Teiidae

Six-lined Racerunner Aspidoscelis sexlineatus sexlineatus (MO)
Prairie Racerunner Aspidoscelis sexlineatus viridis (MO)
Texas Spotted Whiptail Aspidoscelis gularis (TX)
Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail Aspidoscelis exsanguis (NM)
Checkered Whiptail Aspidoscelis tesselatus (NM)
Giant Whiptail Aspidoscelis motaguae (FL)
Sonoran Tiger Whiptail Aspidoscelis tigeris punctilinealis (AZ)
Rainbow Whiptail Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (FL)
Central American Whiptail Ameiva festiva (CR)
Delicate Ameiva Ameiva leptophrys (CR)
Four-lined Ameiva Ameiva quadrilineata (CR)

Family Corytophanidae

Common Basilisk Basiliscus basiliscus (CR)
Brown Basilisk Basiliscus vittatus (FL) (CR)
Green Basilisk Basiliscus pulmifrons (CR)
Helmeted Iguana Corytophanes cristatus (CR)

Family Agamidae

African Red-headed Agama Agama agama (FL)

Family Xantusiidae

Yellow-spotted Night Lizard Lepidophyma flavimaculatum (CR)


Family Boidae

Boa Constrictor Boa constrictor (CR)
Northern Three-lined boa Lichanura orcutti (CA)

Family Clubridae

Desert Glossy Snake Arizona elegans eburnata (AZ)
California Glossy Snake Arizona elegans occidentalis (CA)
California Lyre Snake Trimorphodon biscutatus lyrophanes (CA)
Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake Phyllorhynchus decurtatus (AZ)
Central Florida Crowned Snake Tantilla relicta neilli (FL)
Peninsular Crowned Snake Tantilla relicta relicta (FL)
Flat-headed Snake Tantilla gracilis (MO)
Plains Black-headed Snake Tantilla nigriceps (TX)
Smith’s Black-headed Snake Tantilla hobartsmithi (AZ)
Variable Ground Snake Sonora semiannulata semiannulata (AZ)
Taylor’s Ground Snake Sonora semiannulata taylori (TX)
Long-nosed Snake Rhinocheilus leconteiv (AZ)
Mountain Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae (AZ)
Texas Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora grahamiae lineate (TX)
Desert Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora hexalepis hexalepis (AZ)
Costal Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora hexalepis virgultea (CA)
Northern Black Racer Coluber constrictor constrictor (NC)
Southern Black Racer Coluber constrictor priapus (MO)
Brown-chinned Racer Coluber constrictor helvigularis (FL)
Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer Coluber constrictor flaviventris (MO)
Blue Racer Coluber constrictor foxi (IL)
Buttermilk Racer Coluber constrictor anthicus (TX)
Everglades Racer Coluber constrictor paludicola (FL)
Mexican Racer Coluber constrictor oaxaca (TX)
Schott's Whipsnake Masticophis schotti schotti (TX)
Desert Striped Whipsnake Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus (NM)
Sonoran Whipsnake Masticophis bilineatus (AZ)
Eastern Coachwhip Masticophis flagellum flagellum (MO)
Red Racer Masticophis flagellum piceus (AZ)
Rough Green Snake Opheodrys aestivus (MO)
Bullsnake Pituophis melanoleucus sayi (CO)
Sonoran Gophersnake Pituophis catenifer affinis (NM)
Corn Snake Pantherophis guttatus (SC)
Great Plains Rat Snake Pantherophis emoryi (MO)
Southwestern Rat Snake Pantherophis guttata meahllmorum* (TX)
Western Fox Snake Mintonius vulpinus (IL)
Eastern Fox Snake Mintonius gloydi (MI)
Western (Black) Rat Snake Scotophis obsoleta obsoleta* (MO)
Western (Texas) Rat Snake Scotophis obsoleta lindheimeri* (TX)
Midland (Gray) Rat Snake Scotophis spiloides* (GA)
Eastern (Yellow) Rat Snake Scotophis alleghaniensis quadrivittata* (NC)
Eastern (Everglades) Rat Snake Scotophis alleghaniensis rossalleni* (FL)
Texas Indigo Snake Drymarchon corais erebennus (TX)
Eastern Indigo Snake Drymarchon corais couperi (FL)
Prarie Kingsnake Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster (MO)
Mole Kingsnake Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata (NC)
Eastern Kingsnake Lampropeltis getula (NC)
Black Kingsnake Lampropeltis niger (IL)
Speckled Kingsnake Lampropeltis holbrooki (MO)
California Kingsnake Lampropeltis californiae (AZ)
Florida Kingsnake Lampropeltis getula floridana* (FL)
Scarlet Kingsnake Lampropeltis elapsoides (FL)
Eastern Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum (NJ)
Red Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum syspila (MO)
Central Plains Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum gentilis (CO)
Louisiana Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum amaura (TX)
Central American Forest Racer Dendrophidion percarinatum (CR)
Speckled Racer Drymobius margaritiferus (CR)
Brown Vine Snake Oxybelis aeneus (CR)
Yellow Blunt-headed Snake Imantodes inornatus (CR)
Pink-bellied Litter Snake Rhadinaea decorate (CR)
Orange-bellied Swamp Snake Tretanorhinus nigroluteus (CR)
Halloween Snake Urotheca euryzona (CR)

Family Viperidae

Southern Copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix (SC)
Northern Copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen (IL)
Osage Copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster (MO)
Florida Cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti (FL)
Western Cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma (MO)
Eastern Massasauga Sistrurus catenatus catenatus (IL)
Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake Sistrurus miliarius barbouri (FL)
Western Pigmy Rattlesnake Sistrurus miliarius streckeri (MO)
Prairie Rattlesnake Crotalus viridis (KS)
Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus adamanteus (FL)
Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus atrox (TX)
Red Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus ruber (CA)
Sonoran Sidewinder Crotalus cerastes cercobombus (AZ)
Colorado Desert Sidewinder Crotalus cerastes laterorepens (CA)
Northern Mohave Rattlesnake Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus (AZ)
Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake Crotalus mitchellii pyrrhus (AZ)
Tiger Rattlesnake Crotalus tigris (AZ)
Northern Black-tailed Rattlesnake Crotalus molossus molossus (AZ)
Southern Pacific Rattlesnake Crotalus organus helleri (CA)
Timber Rattlesnake Crotalus horridus (PA)
Canebrake Rattlesnake Crotalus horridus atricaudatus* (GA)
Eyelash Viper Bothriechis schlegelii (CR)
Fer-de-lance Bothrops asper (CR)

Family Dipsadidae

Southern Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus punctatus (FL)
Northern Ring-necked Diadophis punctatus edwardsi (IL)
Prairie Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus arnyi (MO)
Mississippi Ring-necked snake Diadophis punctatus stictogenys (MO)
Regal Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus regalis (AZ)
Eastern Worm Snake Carphophis amoenus amoenus (NC)
Midwestern Worm Snake Carphophis amoenus helenae (IL)
Western Worm Snake Carphophis vermis (MO)
Black-striped Snake Coniophanes imperialis imperialis (TX)
Texas Night Snake Hypsiglena jani texana (TX)
Sonoran Night Snake Hypsiglena chlorophaea chlorophaea (AZ)

Family Leptotyphlopidae

Plains Blind Snake Leptotyphlops dulcis dulcis (OK)

Family Typhlopidae

Brahminy Blind Snake Ramphotyphlops bramina (FL)

Family Natricidae

Brown Water Snake Nerodia taxispilota (FL)
Diamondback Water Snake Nerodia rhombifer (MO)
Mississippi Green Water Snake Nerodia cyclopion (IL)
Florida Green Water Snake Nerodia floridana (FL)
Red-Bellied Water Snake Nerodia erythrogaster erythrogaster (NC)
Copper-bellied Water Snake Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta (IL)
Yellow-bellied Water Snake Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster (MO)
Blotched Water Snake Nerodia erythrogaster transversa (TX)
Northern Water Snake Nerodia sipedon sipedon (MO)
Midland Water Snake Nerodia sipedon pleuralis (MO)
Lake Erie Water Snake Nerodia sipedon insularum (OH)
Banded Water Snake Nerodia fasciata fasciata (FL)
Broad-banded Water Snake Nerodia fasciata confluens (MO)
Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake Nerodia clarkii compressicauda (FL)
Graham's Crayfish Snake Regina grahamii (MO)
Queen Snake Regiva septemvittata (TN)
Northern Brown Snake Storeria dekayi dekayi (MI)
Midland Brown Snake Storeria dekayi wrightorum (MO)
Texas Brown Snake Storeria dekayi texana (TX)
Northern Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata (MO)
Florida Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata obscura (FL)
Eastern Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (MO)
Red-sided Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis (MO)
Blue-striped Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis similes (FL)
Chicago Garter Snake Thamnophis sirtalis semifasciatus (IL)
Eastern Plains Garter Snake Thamnophis radix radix (IL)
Checkered Garter Snake Thamnophis marcianus (TX)
Butler’s Garter snake Thamnophis butleri (MI)
Wandering Garter Snake Thamnophis elegans vagrans (CO)
Western Black-necked Garter Snake Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis (AZ)
Narrow-headed Garter Snake Thamnophis rufipunctatus (AZ)
Peninsula Ribbon Snake Thamnophis sauritus sackenii (FL)
Northern Ribbon Snake Thamnophis sauritus septentrionalis (MI)
Western Ribbon Snake Thamnophis proximus proximus (IL)
Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake Thamnophis proximus orarius (TX)
Lined Snake Tropidoclonion lineatum (MO)
Western Smooth Earth Snake Virginia valeriae elegans (MO)
Rough Earth Snake Virginia striatula (MO)

Family Xenodontidae

Eastern Hognose Snake Heterodon platirhinos (MO)
Plains Hognose Snake Heteodon nasicus (CO)
Dusty Hognose Snake Heteodon gloydi (MO)
Western Mud Snake Farancia abacura reinwardtii (MO)
Eastern Mud Snake Farancia abacura abacura (FL)
Red Vine Snake Siphlophis compressus (CR)

Species of interest found dead on the road (DOR), not included in above totals:

Eastern Ribbon Snake Thamnophis sauritus sauritus (FL)
Arid Land Ribbon Snake Thamnophis proximus diabolicus (NM)
Carolina Water Snake Nerodia sipedon williamengelsi (NC)
Glossy Crayfish Snake Regina rigida rigida (FL)
Gulf Crayfish Snake Regina rigida sinicola (TX)
Tan Racer Coluber constrictor etheridgei (TX)
Southern Hog-nosed Snake Heterodon simus (FL)
Florida Pine Snake Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus (GA)
Northern Scarlet Snake Cemophora coccinea copei (FL)
Gulf Hammock Rat Snake Elaphe obsoleta williamsi* (FL)
Florida water Snake Nerodia fasciata pictiventris (FL)
Arizona Glossy Snake Arizona elegans noctivaga (AZ)
Sonoran Lyre Snake Trimorphodon biscutatus lambda (AZ)

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Very, very cool. You definitely have a solid list going. I have always contemplated making a life list but it seems daunting to try and remember every species I have seen thus far :x

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I haven't traveled much in recent years, so my list is pretty small and confined to the Midwest. I count it as a lifer if it is a wild specimen and alive. I know my Latin names are outdated.


1. Cottonmouth-Agkistrodon piscivorus
Ssp. Western Cottonmouth- Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma
2. Eastern Worm Snake-Carphophis amoenus
Ssp. Midwestern Worm Snake-Carphophis amoenus helenae
3. Racer-Coluber constrictor
Intg. Blue X Southern Black Racer-Coluber constrictor foxii X priapus
4. Ringneck Snake-Diadophis punctatus
Ssp. Northern Ringneck Snake-Diadophis punctatus edwardsii
Ssp. Mississippi Ringneck Snake-Diadophis punctatus strictogenys
5. Rat Snake-Elaphe obsoleta
Ssp. Black Rat Snake-Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta
6. Milk Snake-Lampropeltis triangulum
Ssp. Red Milk Snake- Lampropeltis triangulum syspila
Intg. Red X Eastern Milk Snake-Lampropeltis trianglum syspila X triangulum
7. Northern Water Snake-Nerodia sipedon
Ssp. Midland Water Snake-Nerodia sipedon pleuralis
8. Brown Snake-Storeria dekayi
Ssp. Midland Brown Snake-Storeria dekayi wrightorum
9. Western Ribbon Snake-Thamnophis proximus
Ssp. Western Ribbon Snake-Thamnophis proximus proximus
10. Common Garter Snake-Thamnophis sirtalis
Ssp. Eastern Garter Snake-Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
11. Snapping Turtle-Chelydra serpentina
Ssp. Common Snapping Turtle-Chelydra serpentina serpentina
12. Painted Turtle- Chrysemys picta
Ssp. Midland painted Turtle- Chrysemys picta marginata
Ssp. Eastern Painted Turtle-Chrysemys picta picta
13. Northern Map Turtle-Graptemys geographica
14. Northern Red bellied Cooter- Psuedemys rubiventris
15. Spiny Softshell-Apalone spinifera
Ssp. Eastern Spiny Sofshell-Apalone spinifera spinifera
16. Common Musk Turtle-Sternotherus odoratus
17. Eastern Box Turtle-Terrapene carolina
Ssp. Eastern Box Turtle-Terrapene carolina carolina
18. Pond Slider-Trachemys scripta
Ssp. Red Eared Slider- Trachemys scripta elegans
Ssp. Yellow Bellied Slider- Trachemys scripta scripta
19. Five Lined skink-Eumeces fasciatus
20. Broad Headed Skink-Eumeces laticeps
21. Eastern Fence Lizard-Sceloporus undulatus
Ssp. Northern Fence Lizard-Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus
22. Ground Skink- Scincella lateralis
23. Northern Cricket Frog-Acris crepitans
Ssp. Blanchard’s Cricket Frog-Acris crepitans blanchardi
24. American Toad-Bufo americanus
Ssp. Eastern American Toad-Bufo americanus americanus
25. Fowler’s Toad-Bufo fowleri
26. Bird Voiced Treefrog- Hyla avivoca
27. Cope’s Gray Treefrog- Hyla chrysoscelis
28. Green Treefrog-Hyla cinerea
29. Spring Peeper-Psuedacris crucifer
Ssp. Northern Spring Peeper- Psuedacris crucifer crucifer
30. Upland Chorus Frog- Psuedacris ferarium
31. Midland Chorus Frog- Psuedacris triseriata
32. American Bullfrog- Rana catesbeina
33. Green Frog- Rana clamitans
Ssp. Northern Green Frog- Rana clamitans melanota
34. Pickerel Frog- Rana palustris
35. Southern Leopard Frog- Rana sphenocephala
Ssp. Southern Leopard Frog- Rana sphenocephala utricularia
36. Wood Frog- Rana sylvatica

37. Jefferson’s Salamander-Ambystoma jeffersonianum
38. Spotted Salamander-Ambystoma maculatum
39. Southern Two Lined Salamander-Eurycea cirrigera
40. Longtail Salamander-Eurycea longicauda
Ssp. Longtailed Salamander- Eurycea longicauda longicauda
41. Cave Salamander-Eurycea lucifiga
42. Eastern Redback Salamander-Plethodon cinereus
43. Northern Zigzag Salamander-Plethodon dorsalis
44. Northern Slimy Salamander-Plethodon glutinosus
45. Southern Zigzag Salamander-Plethodon ventralis
46. Eastern Newt-Notophthalmus viridescens
Ssp. Central Newt- Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis
Ssp. Red Spotted Newt- Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens

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I really just keep one for snakes. I'm pretty loose on the "rules" of my list. I count DORs with an asterisk. I count finds found by a group I am herping with. That's about it! In no particular order...

1. Nerodia sipedon pleuralis - Midland water snake
2. Nerodia sipedon sipedon – Northern water snake
3. Nerodia erythrogaster transversa - blotched water snake
4. Nerodia rhombifer rhombifer - diamondback water snake
5. Nerodia clarkii compressicauda - Mangrove salt marsh snake
6. Nerodia floridana* - Florida green water snake
7. Nerodia fasciata pictiventris - Florida banded water snake
8. Nerodia fasciata confluens - broad banded water snake
9. Regina grahamii - Graham's crayfish snake
10. Regina rigida sinicola - Gulf crayfish snake
11. Leptotyphlops dulcis dulcis - Texas blind snake
12. Leptotyphlops dulcis dissectus - New Mexico blind snake
13. Boa constrictor imperator - Boa constrictor
14. Oxybelis aenus - brown vine snake
15. Drymarchon corais erebennus – Texas indigo snake
16. Carphophis vermis - western worm snake
17. Micrurus tener tener - Texas coral snake
18. Micrurus distans distans - West Mexico coral snake
19. Micruroides euryxanthus - Sonoran coral snake
20. Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster - Osage copperhead
21. Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix - southern copperhead
22. Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus - broad banded copperhead
23. Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster – Trans-Pecos copperhead
24. Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma - western cottonmouth
25. Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti - Florida cottonmouth
26. Gyalopion canum - western hooknose snake
27. Storeria dekayi limnetes - marsh brown snake
28. Storeria dekayi texana - Texas brown snake
29. Storeria dekayi dekayi - northern brown snake
30. Liochlorophis vernalis blanchardi - western smooth green snake
31. Opheodrys aestivus - rough green snake
32. Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis - Eastern garter snake
33. Thamnophis sirtalis dorsalis - New Mexico garter snake
34. Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis - red-sided garter snake
35. Thamnophis radix* - plains garter snake
36. Thamnophis elegans vagrans - wandering garter snake
37. Thamnophis rufipunctatus rufipunctatus - narrowhead garter snake
38. Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis - western blackneck garter snake
39. Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus - eastern blackneck garter snake
40. Thamnophis marcianus marcianus - northern checkered garter snake
41. Thamnophis proximus proximus - western ribbon snake
42. Thamnophis proximus rubrilineatus - red striped ribbon snake
43. Thamnophis proximus diabolicus - arid land ribbon snake
44. Thamnophis proximus orarius - Gulf Coast ribbon snake
45. Thamnophis sauritus sackeni - southern ribbon snake
46. Tropidoclonion lineatum - lined snake
47. Pantherophis obsoleta obsoleta - black rat snake
48. Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri - Texas rat snake
49. Pantherophis bairdi – Baird’s rat snake
50. Pantherophis emoryi meahllmorum - southwestern rat snake
51. Pantherophis emoryi emoryi - great plains rat snake
52. Bogertophis subocularis subocularis - Trans-Pecos rat snake
53. Senticolis triaspis intermedia - northern green rat snake
54. Lampropeltis getula holbrookia - speckled kingsnake
55. Lampropeltis getula splendida - desert kingsnake
56. Lampropeltis getula nigrita* - Mexican black kingsnake
57. Lampropeltis alterna* - gray banded kingsnake
58. Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster - prairie kingsnake
59. Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana - Sonoran mountain kingsnake
60. Lampropeltis triangulum gentilis - central plains milksnake
61. Lampropeltis triangulum caelenops - New Mexico milksnake
62. Lampropeltis triangulum amaura - Lousiana milksnake
63. Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae* - Sinaloan milksnake
64. Lampropeltis triangulum annulata - Mexican milksnake
65. Arizona elegans arenicola - Texas glossy snake
66. Arizona elegans elegans - Kansas glossy snake
67. Arizona elegans philipi - painted desert glossy snake
68. Rhinocheilus lecontei lecontei - western longnose snake
69. Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus - Texas longnose snake
70. Rhinocheilus lecontei antonii - Mexican longnose snake
71. Pituophis catenifer affinis - Sonoran gopher snake
72. Pituophis catenifer sayi -bullsnake
73. Heterodon nasicus nasicus - plains hognose snake
74. Heterodon (nasicus) kennerlyi - Mexican hognose snake
75. Heterodon platyrhinos - eastern hognose snake
76. Sonora semiannulata - ground snake
77. Tantilla hobartsmithi - southwestern blackheaded snake
78. Tantilla gracilis - flathead snake
79. Tantilla nigriceps - plains blackheaded snake
80. Diadophis punctatus arnyi - prairie ringneck snake
81. Diadophis punctatus regalis - regal ringneck snake
82. Diadophis punctatus punctatus - southern ringneck snake
83. Trimorphodon tau tau - Mexican lyre snake
84. Coluber constrictor anthicus - buttermilk racer
85. Coluber constrictor flaviventris - eastern yellowbelly racer
86. Coluber constrictor paludicola - Everglades racer
87. Lichanura trivirgata gracia – Coastal rosy boa
88. Masticophis flagellum testaceus - western coachwhip
89. Masticophis flagellum cingulum - Sonoran coachwhip
90. Masticophis fulginosus – Baja coachwhip
91. Masticophis bilineatus - Sonoran whipsnake
92. Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus - desert striped whipsnake
93. Masticophis taeniatus girardi - central Texas whipsnake
94. Masticophis schotti schotti - Schott's whipsnake
95. Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae - mountain patchnose snake
96. Salvadora grahamiae lineata - Texas patchnose snake
97. Salvadora deserticola - Big Bend patchnose snake
98. Salvadora hexalepis hexalepis - desert patchnose snake
99. Cemophora coccinea coccinea - Florida scarlet snake
100. Virginia striatula - rough earth snake
101. Geophis dugesii aquilonaris - Chihuahuan earth snake
102. Patherophis guttata guttata - corn snake
103. Hypsiglena torquata jani - Texas night snake
104. Hypsiglena torquata ssp - Hooded night snake
105. Crotalus atrox - western diamondback rattlesnake
106. Crotalus viridis - prairie rattlesnake
107. Crotalus cerberus - Arizona black rattlesnake
108. Crotalus lepidus lepidus - mottled rock rattlesnake
109. Crotalus lepidus klauberi - banded rock rattlesnake
110. Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus - northern mojave rattlesnake
111. Crotalus molossus molossus - northern blacktail rattlesnake
112. Crotalus molossus nigriscens - Mexican blacktail rattlesnake
113. Crotalus pricei pricei - western twin-spotted rattlesnake
114. Crotalus ruber ruber – red diamond rattlesnake
115. Crotalus mitchelli pyrrhus – Southwestern speckled rattlesnake
116. Crotalus willardi willardi - Arizona ridgenose rattlesnake
117. Crotalus willardi obscurus - New Mexico ridgenose rattlesnake
118. Crotalus willardi silus - Chihuahuan ridgenose rattlesnake
119. Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus* - western massasauga
120. Sistrurus miliarius barbouri - dusky pigmy rattlesnake

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Amazing lists guys :thumb:

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Top 10 for USA:

10. Crotalus willardi obscurus(AZ)
9. Crotalus pricei
8. Drymobius margaritifferus
7. Regina septemvittata (NJ)
6. Micruroides euryxanthus
5. Faracina erythrogamma (MD) (SFLRS would be nice too :lol:)
4. Pantherophis guttatus (NJ)
3. Thamnophis eques
2. Pelamis platurus
1. Tantilla oolicta

Top 5 for Mexico:

5. Crotalus pulisus
4 Crotalus transversus
3. Cerrophidion tzotzilorum
2. Crotalus stejnegeri
1. Crotalus lannomi

Top 5 dreams:

5. Toxicocalamus stanleyensis (PNG)
4. Atractus francoi (Brazil)
3. Polemon collaris (Uganda)
2. Xenopeltis unicolor (Asia)
1. Toxicocalamus grandis

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I started keeping one around 2002. This covers California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, and British Columbia over the past decade. There are a few I've either forgotten or left off, mostly lizards and turtles, due to various issues.

Snakes: 108

Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti - Florida cottonmouth
Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma - Western cottonmouth
Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix - Southern copperhead
Arizona elegans candida - Mohave glossy snake
Arizona elegans eburnata - Desert glossy snake
Arizona elegans elegans - Kansas glossy snake
Arizona elegans noctivaga - Arizona glossy snake
Arizona elegans occidentalis - California glossy snake
Bogertophis subocularis - Trans Pecos ratsnake
Charina bottae - Northern rubber boa
Carphophis vermis - Western worm snake
Cemophora coccinea copei - Northern scarlet snake
Chionactis occipitalis annulata - Colorado Desert shovelnosed snake
Chionactis occipitalis occipitalis - Mohave shovelnosed snake
Coluber constrictor helvigularis - Brown chinned racer
Coluber constrictor mormon - Western yellowbellied racer
Coluber constrictor priapus - Southern black racer
Contia longicauda - Forest sharptailed snake
Contia tenuis - Sharptailed snake
Crotalus atrox - Western Diamondback
Crotalus cerastes cercobombus - Sonoran Desert sidewinder
Crotalus cerastes laterorepens - Colorado Desert sidewinder
Crotalus helleri - Southern Pacific rattlesnake
Crotalus horridus - Timber rattlesnake
Crotalus lepidus klauberi - Banded rock rattlesnake
Crotalus molossus molossus - Northern blacktailed rattlesnake
Crotalus oreganus - Northern Pacific rattlesnake
Crotalus scutulatus - Mohave rattlesnake
Crotalus viridis - Prairie rattlesnake
Diadophis punctatus amibilis - Pacific ringneck
Diadophis punctatus arnyi - Prairie ringneck
Diadophis punctatus modestus - San Bernardino ringneck
Diadophis punctatus occidentalis - Northwestern ringneck
Diadophis punctatus punctatus - Southern ringneck
Diadophis punctatus regalis - Regal ringneck
Diadophis punctatus stictogenys - Mississippi ringneck
Heterodon kennerlyi - Mexican hognose
Heterodon platirhinos - Eastern hognose
Heterodon simus - Southern hognose
Hypsiglena torquata clorophaea - Sonoran desert nightsnake
Hypsiglena torquata klauberi - San Diego Nightsnake
Hypsiglena torquata jani - Texas night snake
Hypsiglena torquata nuchalata - California nightsnake
Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster - Prairie kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula californiae - California kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula getula - Eastern kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki - Speckled kingsnake
Lampropeltis triangulum gentilis - Central plains milksnake
Lampropeltis triangulum syspila - Red milksnake
Lampropeltis zonata zonata - St. Helena mountain kingsnake
Lichanura orcutti - Northern three lined boa
Masticophis bilineatus - Sonoran whipsnake
Masticophis flagellum flagellum - Eastern coachwhip
Masticophis flagellum piceus - Red coachwhip
Masticophis flagellum testaceus - Western coachwhip
Masticophis lateralis euryxanthus - Alameda striped racer
Masticophis lateralis lateralis - California striped racer
Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus - Desert striped whipsnake
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster - Yellow bellied watersnake
Nerodia erythrogaster transversa - Blotched watersnake
Nerodia fasciata confluens - Broad banded watersnake
Nerodia fasciata pictiventris - Florida watersnake
Nerodia rhombifer rhombifer - Northern diamondbacked watersnake
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis - Midland watersnake
Opheodrys aestivus aestivus - Northern rough green snake
Opheodrys aestivus carinatus - Florida rough green snake
Oxybelis aenus - Brown vinesnake
Pantherophis emoryi - Great plains ratsnake
Pantherophis gutattus - Red rat snake
Pantherophis obsoletus - Western ratsnake
Pantherophis spiloides x alleghaniensis - Gulf Hammock ratsnake
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus - Spotted leafnosed snake
Pituophis catenifer affinis - Sonoran gopher snake
Pituophis catenifer annectens - San Diego gopher snake
Pituophis catenifer catenifer - Pacific gopher snake
Regina septemvittata - Queen snake
Rhadinaea flavilata - Pinewoods snake
Rhamphotyphlops brahiminus - Brahiminy blindsnake
Rhinocheilus lecontei lecontei - Western longnosed snake
Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus - Texas longnosed snake
Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae - Mountain patchnose
Sistrurus miliarius barbouri - Dusky pigmy rattlesnake
Sistrurus miliarius streckeri - Western pigmy rattlesnake
Sonora semiannulata - Variable groundsnake
Storeria dekayi wrightorum - Midland brown snake
Tantilla gracilis - flat headed snake
Tantilla hobartsmithi - Smith's blackheaded snake
Tantilla nigriceps - Plains blackheaded snake
Tantilla planiceps - Western blackheaded snake
Thamnophis atratus atratus - Santa Cruz gartersnake
Thamnophis atratus hydrophilus - Oregon gartersnake
Thamnophis atratus zaxanthus - Diablo gartersnake
Thamnophis couchii - Sierra gartersnake
Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis - Western blacknecked gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans elegans - Mountain gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans terrestris - Coast gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans vagrans - Wandering gartersnake
Thamnophis gigas - Giant gartersnake
Thamnophis ordinoides - Northwestern gartersnake
Thamnophis proximus proximus - Orange striped ribbon snake
Thamnophis radix - Plains gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus - Oregon redspotted gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis fitchi - Valley gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis - California redsided gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis similis - Florida blue striped gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis - Eastern gartersnake
Virginia striatula - Rough earthsnake
Virginia valeriae elegans - Western smooth earthsnake

Lizards: 50

Anolis carolinensis - Green anole
Anolis sagrei - Cuban (Brown) anole
Aspidoscelis sexlineata viridis - Prairie racerunner
Aspidoscelis sonorae - Sonoran spotted whiptail
Aspidoscelis tigris munda - California whiptail
Aspidoscelis tigris stejnegeri - Coastal whiptail
Aspidoscelis tigris tigris - Great Basin whiptail
Aspidoscelis uniparens - Desert grassland whiptail
Callisaurus draconoides - Zebra tailed lizard
Cophosaurus texanus texanus - Texas greater earless lizard
Coleonyx brevis - Texas banded gecko
Coleonyx reticulatus - Reticulate gecko
Coleonyx variegatus abbotti - San Diego banded gecko
Coleonyx variegatus bogerti - Tucson banded gecko
Coleonyx variegatus variegatus - Desert banded gecko
Dipsosaurus dorsalis dorsalis - Northern desert iguana
Elgaria coerulia coerulia - San Francisco alligator lizard
Elgaria coerulia palmeri - Sierra alligator lizard
Elgaria coerulia principis - Northwestern alligator lizard
Elgaria coerulia shastensis - Shasta alligator lizard
Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata - California alligator lizard
Elgaria multicarinata sincicauda - Oregon alligator lizard
Elgaria multicarinaata webbii - San Diego alligator lizard
Hemidactylus turcicus - Mediterranean gecko
Holbrookia elegans - Elegant earless lizard
Ophisaurus ventralis - Eastern glass lizard
Phrynosoma hernandesi - Greater short horned lizard
Plestiodon anthracinus pluvialis - Southern coal skink
Plestiodon fasciatus - Five lined skink
Plestiodon gilberti cancellosus - Variegated skink
Plestiodon gilberti gilberti - Gilbert's skink
Plestiodon laticeps - Broadheaded skink
Plestiodon skiltonianus skiltonianus - Skilton's skink
Sauromalus ater - Common chuckwalla
Sceloporus bimaculatus - Twinspotted spiny lizard
Sceloporus clarkii - Clark's spiny lizard
Sceloporus consobrinus - Prairie lizard
Sceloporus graciosus gracilis - Western sagebrush lizard
Sceloporus jarrovii - Yarrow's (Mountain) spiny lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis biseriatus - San Joaquin fence lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis bocourti - Coast range fence lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis longipes - Great basin fence lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis occidentalis - Northwestern fence lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis taylori - Sierra fence lizard
Sceloporus orcutti - Granite spiny lizard
Sceloporus slevini - Slevin's bunchgrass Ambyst
Scincella lateralis - Ground skink
Urosaurus ornata - Ornate tree lizard
Uta stansburiana elegans - Western sideblotched lizard
Uta stansburiana navadensis - Nevada sideblotched lizard

Turtles: 17

Actinemys marmorata marmorata - Northern Pacific pond turtle
Actinemys marmorata pallida - Southern Pacific pond turtle
Apalone ferox - Florida softshell
Apalone spinifera pallida - Pallid softshell
Chelydra serpentina - Common snapping turtle
Gopherus polyphemus - Gopher tortoise
Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii - Mississippi map turtle
Kinosternon sonoriense - Sonoran mud turtle
Pseudemys concinna concinna - Eastern river cooter
Sternotherus odoratus - Eastern musk turtle
Terrapene carolina bauri - Florida box turtle
Terrapene carolina major - Gulf Coast box turtle
Terrapene carolina triunguis - Three toed box turtle
Terrapene ornata luteola - Desert box turtle
Terrapene ornata ornata - Ornate box turtle
Trachemys scripta elegans - Red eared slider
Trachemys scripta scripta - Yellow bellied slider

Crocodilians: 1

Alligator mississippiensis - American alligator

Salamanders and Newts: 30

Ambystoma californiense - California tiger salamander
Ambystoma gracile - Northwestern salamander
Ambystoma maculatum - Spotted salamander
Ambystoma mavortium mavortium - Blotched tiger salamanderN
Aneides flavipunctatus flavipunctatus - Speckled black salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus niger - Santa Cruz black salamander
Aneides lugubris - Arboreal salamander
Aneides vagrans - Wandering salamander
Batrachoseps attenuatus - California slender salamander
Batrachoseps major major - Garden slender salamander
Desmognathus brimleyorum - Ouachita dusky salamander
Dicamptodon enstatus - California giant salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus - Coastal giant salamander
Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis - Oregon ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica - Yellow eyed ensatina
Eurycea longicauda melanopleura - Dark sided salamander
Eurycea lucifuga - Cave salamander
Eurycea multiplicata - Many ribbed salamander
Eurycea spelea - Grotto salamander
Eurycea tynerensis - Oklahoma salamander
Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis - Central newt
Plethodon albagula - Western slimy salamander
Plethodon angusticlavius - Ozark zig zag salamander
Plethodon caddoensis - Caddo Mountain salamander
Plethodon fourchensis - Fourche Mountain salamander
Plethodon ouachitae - Rich Mountain salamander
Plethodon serratus - Southern redbacked salamander
Rhyachotriton variegatus - Southern torrent salamander
Siren intermedia nettingi - Western lesser siren
Taricha granulosa - Rough skinned newt
Taricha rivularis - Redbellied newt
Taricha torosa torosa - Coast range newt

Frogs and Toads: 46

Acris crepitans blanchardi - Blanchard's cricket frog
Acris crepitans crepitans - Northern cricket frog
Acris gryllus - Southern cricket frog
Anaxyrus americanus charlesmithi - Dwarf American Toad
Anaxyrus boreas boreas - Boreal toad
Anaxyrus boreas halophilus - California toad
Anaxyrus canorus - Yosemite toad
Anasyrus cognatus - Great Plains toad
Anaxyrus debilis - Green toad
Anaxyrus fowleri - Fowler's toad
Anaxyrus punctatus - Redspotted toad
Anaxyrus quercicus - Oak toad
Anaxyrus terrestris - Southern toad
Anaxyrus woodhouseii - Woodhouse's toad
Ascaphus truei - Coastal tailed frog
Eleutherodactylus planirostris - Greenhouse frog
Gastrophryne carolinensis - Eastern narrowmouthed toad
HYla arenicolor - Canyon treefrog
Hyla chrysoscelis - Cope's grey treefrog
Hyla cinerea - Green treefrog
Hyla femoralis - Pinewoods treefrog
Hyla squirrella - Squirrel treefrog
Hyla versicolor - Grey treefrog
Lithobates catasbeianus - American bullfrog
Lithobates clamitans clamitans - Bronze frog
Lithobates clamitans melanota - Green frog
Lithobates palustris - Pickerel frog
Lithobates sphenocephalus utricularius - Southern leopard frog
Ollotis alvarius - Sonoran desert toad
Osteopilus septentrionalis - Cuban treefrog
Pseudacris cadaverina - California treefrog
Pseudacris crucifer - Spring peeper
Pseudacris fouquettei - Cajun chorus frog
Pseudacris hypochondriaca hypochondriaca - Baja California treefrog
Pseudacris regilla - Pacific treefrog
Pseudacris sierrae - Sierra treefrog
Rana aurora - Northern redlegged frog
Rana boylii - Foothill yellowlegged frog
Rana draytonii - California redlegged frog
Rana grylio - Pig frog
Rana hecksheri - River frog
Rana pretiosa - Oregon spotted frog
Scaphiopus bombifrons - Plains spadefoot
Scaphiopus couchii - Couch's spadefoot
Spea hammondi - Western spadefoot
Spea multiplicata - Mexican spadefoot

DOR only (Not on the above list)

Chionactis occipitalis nevadensis - Nevada shovelnose
Crotalus cerastes cerastes - Mohave sidewinder
Crotalus mitchelli pyrrhus - Southwestern speckled rattlesnake
Micrurus fulvius - Eastern coral snake
Salvadora hexalepis hexalepis - Desert patchnose
Thamnophis sauritus sackenii - Peninsula ribbon snake
Trimorphodon biscutatus lambda - Sonoran lyre snake
Gambelia wislezenii - Long nosed leopard lizard

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At this point most of my life list is vouchered at

I don't know if it has a pretty way of organizing by species.

Unvouchered at

Bronze Frog (Lithobates clamitans clamitans)
Eastern American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus americanus)
Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)
Northern Leopard Frog ([i]Lithobates pipiens

Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)
Red-spotted Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens)

Eastern Gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis)
Northern Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon sipedon)

Eastern Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina sepentina)


Lifelist NOT in naherp

Sierra Mountain Yellow-legged Frog (Rana sierrae)
Northern Pacific Chorus Frog (Pseudacris regilla)

Coastal Giant Salamander (Dicamptodon tenebrosus)

Shasta Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea shastensis)
San Francisco Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea coerulea)
San Diego Alligator Lizard (Elgaria multicarinata webbii)
Greater Brown Skink (Plestiodon gilberti gilberti)
Northern Brown Skink (Plestiodon gilberti placerensis)
Several subspecies of (Sceloporus occidentalis) - but I think I'm going to exclude until taxonomy is straightened out
Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis)

Wandering Gartersnake (Thamnophis elegans vagrans)
Coast Gartersnake (Thamnophis elegans terrestris)
Oregon Gartersnake (Thamnophis atratus hydrophilus)
Santa Cruz Gartersnake (Thamnophis atratus atratus)
California Striped Whipsnake (Coluber lateralis lateralis) - *may* have seen Alameda as well

Diamondback Watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer) - for years I thought it was Cottonmouths I had seen, but given locale (Kansas) I've been assured they were Nerodia. Not sure if it should count until I make a positive ID in the field.

I think that's it. But I may remember more.

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PostPosted: June 30th, 2012, 9:58 am 

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Are you guys just typing these lists out and keeping them in a word document?

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PostPosted: June 30th, 2012, 11:08 am 
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I keep mine stored in word docs, plus hard copies in a binder. It's fun to pull out and look though from time to time. Also, I should point out that I stole the format I use from Pingleton years ago.

Michael Cravens

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I use Avisys software to keep a list. It doesn't easily support subspecies, but I do make a note of it in the record. I still have a hand full of species from South Africa I haven't added yet.

Reptile Species seen - 261
Chelydra serpentina
Macrochelys temminckii
Actinemys marmorata
Chrysemys picta
Clemmys guttata
Deirochelys reticularia
Emydoidea blandingii
Glyptemys insculpta
Graptemys barbouri
Graptemys caglei
Graptemys ernsti
Graptemys flavimaculata
Graptemys geographica
Graptemys gibbonsi
Graptemys nigrinoda
Graptemys oculifera
Graptemys ouachitensis
Graptemys pulchra
Graptemys versa
Malaclemys terrapin
Pseudemys concinna
Pseudemys gorzugi
Pseudemys nelsoni
Pseudemys peninsularis
Pseudemys rubriventris
Pseudemys suwanniensis
Pseudemys texana
Terrapene carolina
Terrapene ornata
Trachemys gaigeae
Trachemys scripta
Chersina angulata
Gopherus berlandieri
Gopherus polyphemus
Psammobates pardalis
Batagur tentoria
Cuora amboinensis
Cyclemys dentata
Heosemys annandalii
Heosemys spinosa
Malayemys subtrijuga
Melanochelys trijuga
Ocadia sinensis
Rhinoclemmys funerea
Apalone ferox
Apalone mutica
Apalone spinifera
Dogania subplana
Lissemys punctata
Nilssonia gangeticus
Kinosternon baurii
Kinosternon flavescens
Kinosternon leucostomum
Kinosternon sonoriense
Kinosternon subrubrum
Sternotherus carinatus
Sternotherus minor
Sternotherus odoratus
Caretta caretta
Chelonia mydas
Eretmochelys imbricata
Dermochelys coriacea
Chelus fimbriatus
Pelomedusa subrufa
Pelusios sinuatus
Podocnemis unifilis
Podocnemis vogli
Acanthocercus atricollis
Acanthosaura armata
Agama atra
Aphaniotis fusca
Bronchocela cristatella
Calotes calotes
Calotes emma
Calotes versicolor
Draco taeniopterus
Gonocephalus borneensis
Lyriocephalus scutatus
Physignathus cocincinus
Bradypodion setaroi
Chamaeleo dilepis
Basiliscus basiliscus
Basiliscus plumifrons
Basiliscus vittatus
Crotaphytus collaris
Gambelia wislizenii
Ctenosaura similis
Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Iguana iguana
Sauromalus obesus
Callisaurus draconoides
Cophosaurus texanus
Holbrookia propinqua
Phrynosoma cornutum
Phrynosoma coronatum
Phrynosoma platyrhinos
Sceloporus consobrinus
Sceloporus cyanogenys
Sceloporus jarrovii
Sceloporus magister
Sceloporus occidentalis
Sceloporus olivaceus
Sceloporus undulatus
Sceloporus variabilis
Sceloporus virgatus
Urosaurus ornatus
Uta stansburiana
Anolis auratus
Anolis capito
Anolis carolinensis
Anolis cristatellus
Anolis lemurinus
Anolis limifrons
Anolis oxylophus
Anolis polylepis
Anolis rodriguezi
Anolis sagrei
Anolis sericeus
Anolis squamulatus
Tropidurus hispidus
Coleonyx variegatus
Cyrtodactylus intermedius
Cyrtodactylus yoshii
Gekko gecko
Gonatodes albogularis
Gonatodes vittatus
Hemidactylus frenatus
Hemidactylus palaichthus
Hemidactylus platyurus
Ptychozoon lionotum
Sphaerodactylus glaucus
Gerrhosaurus major
Anadia marmorata
Ameiva ameiva
Ameiva festiva
Ameiva quadrilineata
Ameiva undulata
Aspidoscelis deppei
Aspidoscelis flagellicaudus
Aspidoscelis gularis
Aspidoscelis laredoensis
Aspidoscelis marmoratus
Aspidoscelis septemvittatus
Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
Aspidoscelis sonorae
Aspidoscelis tigris
Aspidoscelis uniparens
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus
Tupinambis teguixin
Ichnotropis squamulosa
Dasia olivacea
Eutropis multifasciata
Lipinia vittigera
Mabuya unimarginata
Plestiodon inexpectatus
Plestiodon laticeps
Plestiodon skiltonianus
Scincella lateralis
Scincopus fasciatus
Sphenomorphus maculatus
Sphenomorphus sabanus
Trachylepis striata
Elgaria kingii
Elgaria multicarinata
Ophisaurus attenuatus
Ophisaurus ventralis
Varanus bengalensis
Varanus niloticus
Varanus salvator
Python molurus
Python reticulatus
Lichanura trivirgata
Corallus ruschenbergerii
Eunectes murinus
Ahaetulla nasuta
Amphiesma stolatum
Atractus univittatus
Calamaria javanica
Cemophora coccinea
Clelia clelia
Coluber constrictor
Coniophanes imperialis
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus
Dendrelaphis pictus
Diadophis punctatus
Dispholidus typus
Drymarchon corais
Dryocalamus davisonii
Farancia abacura
Heterodon nasicus
Heterodon platirhinos
Hypsiglena torquata
Lampropeltis getula
Lampropeltis triangulum
Lamprophis capensis
Leptophis depressirostris
Liophis epinephelus
Masticophis flagellum
Masticophis schotti
Masticophis taeniatus
Nerodia clarkii
Nerodia erythrogaster
Nerodia fasciata
Nerodia floridana
Nerodia rhombifer
Nerodia sipedon
Nerodia taxispilota
Opheodrys aestivus
Opheodrys vernalis
Pantherophis alleghaniensis
Pantherophis emoryi
Pantherophis gloydi
Pantherophis guttatus
Pantherophis obsoletus
Pituophis catenifer
Psammodynastes pulverulentus
Ptyas carinata
Rhabdophis nigrocinctus
Rhinocheilus lecontei
Seminatrix pygaea
Spilotes pullatus
Storeria dekayi
Storeria occipitomaculata
Tantilla gracilis
Tantilla ruficeps
Thamnophis butleri
Thamnophis elegans
Thamnophis marcianus
Thamnophis ordinoides
Thamnophis proximus
Thamnophis radix
Thamnophis sauritus
Thamnophis sirtalis
Virginia valeriae
Xenochrophis trianguligerus
Bungarus fasciatus
Micrurus tener
Laticauda colubrina
Pelamis platura
Agkistrodon contortrix
Agkistrodon piscivorus
Bothrops asper
Bothrops venezuelensis
Crotalus adamanteus
Crotalus atrox
Crotalus cerastes
Crotalus horridus
Crotalus molossus
Crotalus oreganus
Crotalus viridis
Cryptelytrops insularis
Sistrurus catenatus
Sistrurus miliarius
Alligator mississippiensis
Caiman crocodilus
Crocodylus acutus
Crocodylus moreletii
Crocodylus niloticus
Crocodylus palustris
Crocodylus porosus
Gavialis gangeticus

Amphibian Species seen - 111

Genus Ambystoma
Ambystoma laterale
Ambystoma maculatum
Ambystoma opacum
Ambystoma talpoideum
Ambystoma texanum
Ambystoma tigrinum
Genus Amphiuma
Amphiuma means
Genus Desmognathus
Desmognathus conanti
Desmognathus quadramaculatus
Genus Eurycea
Eurycea bislineata
Eurycea cirrigera
Eurycea longicauda
Eurycea lucifuga
Eurycea multiplicata
Eurycea wilderae
Genus Gyrinophilus
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus
Genus Hemidactylium
Hemidactylium scutatum
Genus Plethodon
Plethodon albagula
Plethodon cinereus
Plethodon dorsalis
Plethodon glutinosus
Plethodon serratus
Genus Notophthalmus
Notophthalmus viridescens
Genus Allobates
Allobates talamancae
Genus Mannophryne
Mannophryne herminae
Genus Leptopelis
Leptopelis mossambicus
Genus Adenomus
Adenomus kelaartii
Genus Bufo
Bufo americanus
Bufo boreas
Bufo campbelli
Bufo cognatus
Bufo fowleri
Bufo garmani
Bufo marinus
Bufo melanostictus
Bufo microscaphus
Bufo punctatus
Bufo quercicus
Bufo speciosus
Bufo sternosignatus
Bufo terrestris
Bufo typhonius
Bufo valliceps
Bufo woodhousii
Genus Craugastor
Craugastor fitzingeri
Craugastor rhodopis
Craugastor underwoodi
Genus Dendrobates
Dendrobates auratus
Genus Oophaga
Oophaga pumilio
Genus Silverstoneia
Silverstoneia nubicola
Genus Eleutherodactylus
Eleutherodactylus planirostris
Genus Gastrotheca
Gastrotheca walkeri
Genus Acris
Acris blanchardi
Acris crepitans
Acris gryllus
Genus Hyla
Hyla avivoca
Hyla chrysoscelis
Hyla cinerea
Hyla crepitans
Hyla femoralis
Hyla gratiosa
Hyla squirella
Hyla versicolor
Genus Osteopilus
Osteopilus septentrionalis
Genus Pseudacris
Pseudacris brachyphona
Pseudacris crucifer
Pseudacris regilla
Pseudacris triseriata
Genus Scinax
Scinax x-signatus
Genus Trachycephalus
Trachycephalus venulosus
Genus Hyperolius
Hyperolius pusillus
Genus Leptobrachium
Leptobrachium abbotti
Genus Gastrophryne
Gastrophryne carolinensis
Genus Kaloula
Kaloula baleata
Kaloula taprobanica
Genus Metaphrynella
Metaphrynella sundana
Genus Microhyla
Microhyla achatina
Microhyla borneensis
Genus Ramanella
Ramanella variegata
Genus Euphlyctis
Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis
Euphlyctis hexadactylus
Genus Fejervarya
Fejervarya cancrivora
Fejervarya limnocharis
Genus Huia
Huia masonii
Genus Limnonectes
Limnonectes kuhlii
Limnonectes palavanensis
Genus Rana
Rana berlandieri
Rana blairi
Rana catesbeiana
Rana chalconota
Rana clamitans
Rana erythraea
Rana grylio
Rana heckscheri
Rana pipiens
Rana septentrionalis
Rana sphenocephala
Rana sylvatica
Rana temporalis
Rana vaillanti
Rana warszewitschii
Genus Staurois
Staurois latopalmatus
Genus Chiromantis
Chiromantis xerampelina
Genus Philautus
Philautus sordidus
Genus Polypedates
Polypedates cruciger
Polypedates leucomystax
Genus Rhacophorus
Rhacophorus appendiculatus
Rhacophorus pardalis
Rhacophorus reinwardtii
Genus Scaphiopus
Scaphiopus couchii
Genus Spea
Spea hammondii

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Curtis, thats quite a herp list! I want to see your mammal list.

Michael Cravens

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Here's my list of species from a few years ago. I'm sure I have 100 other taxa since then. This list is only to species. My subspecies list might be another 400-500 lines longer.

(My US list to subspecies from about 5 years ago is here, although I have probably added 10-20 taxa since then.)

Ambystoma mabeei
Ambystoma maculatum
Ambystoma mavortium
Ambystoma opacum
Ambystoma talpoideum
Ambystoma texanum
Ambystoma tigrinum
Ambystoma velasci
Amphiuma means
Amphiuma tridactylum
Batrachoseps attenuatus
Bolitoglossa mexicana
Bolitoglossa occidentalis
Desmognathus auriculatus
Desmognathus brimleyorum
Desmognathus fuscus
Desmognathus monticola
Ensatina eschscholtzii
Eurycea bislineata
Eurycea guttolineata
Eurycea multiplicata
Eurycea neotenes
Eurycea quadridigitata
Eurycea wilderae
Plethodon albagula
Plethodon chlorobryonis
Plethodon cinereus
Plethodon grobmani
Plethodon jordani
Plethodon savannah
Plethodon yonahlossee
Pseudoeurycea galeanae
Pseudotriton montanus
Pseudotriton ruber
Necturus punctatus
Notophthalmus viridescens
Taricha torosa
Siren intermedia
Siren lacertina
Allobates talamancae
Bufo alvarius
Bufo americanus
Bufo bocourti
Bufo boreas
Bufo campbelli
Bufo cognatus
Bufo debilis
Bufo fowleri
Bufo granulosus
Bufo haematiticus
Bufo margaritifer
Bufo marinus
Bufo melanostictus
Bufo nebulifer
Bufo punctatus
Bufo quercicus
Bufo retiformis
Bufo speciosus
Bufo terrestris
Bufo valliceps
Bufo woodhousii
Craugastor alfredi
Craugastor augusti
Craugastor fitzingeri
Craugastor loki
Craugastor rhodopis
Dendrobates auratus
Silverstoneia flotator
Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei
Eleutherodactylus marnockii
Eleutherodactylus nitidus
Acris blanchardi
Acris crepitans
Acris gryllus
Agalychnis callidryas
Dendropsophus ebraccatus
Dendropsophus microcephalus
Ecnomiohyla miotympanum
Hyla arenicolor
Hyla avivoca
Hyla chrysoscelis
Hyla cinerea
Hyla eximia
Hyla femoralis
Hyla gratiosa
Hyla squirella
Hyla versicolor
Hyla walkeri
Litoria caerulea
Litoria jungguy
Litoria latopalmata
Litoria peronii
Litoria rubella
Pseudacris clarkii
Pseudacris crucifer
Pseudacris maculata
Pseudacris ornata
Pseudacris triseriata
Scinax staufferi
Smilisca baudinii
Smilisca fodiens
Smilisca phaeota
Trachycephalus venulosus
Triprion petasatus
Engystomops pustulosus
Leptodactylus fragilis
Leptodactylus melanonotus
Gastrophryne carolinensis
Gastrophryne olivacea
Hypopachus variolosus
Limnodynastes convexiusculus
Limnodynastes fletcheri
Neobatrachus sudelli
Notaden bennettii
Rana berlandieri
Rana blairi
Rana brownorum
Rana catesbeiana
Rana clamitans
Rana grylio
Rana heckscheri
Rana sphenocephala
Rana yavapaiensis
Rana zweifeli
Rhinophrynus dorsalis
Scaphiopus couchii
Scaphiopus holbrookii
Scaphiopus hurterii
Spea bombifrons
Spea multiplicata
Dermophis mexicanus

Chelydra serpentina
Macrochelys temminckii
Actinemys marmorata
Chrysemys picta
Clemmys guttata
Deirochelys reticularia
Graptemys pseudogeographica
Graptemys versa
Malaclemys terrapin
Pseudemys concinna
Pseudemys gorzugi
Pseudemys nelsoni
Pseudemys texana
Terrapene carolina
Terrapene ornata
Trachemys scripta
Gopherus agassizii
Gopherus berlandieri
Gopherus polyphemus
Psammobates pardalis
Apalone ferox
Apalone spinifera
Kinosternon acutum
Kinosternon baurii
Kinosternon flavescens
Kinosternon leucostomum
Kinosternon scorpioides
Kinosternon subrubrum
Sternotherus carinatus
Sternotherus minor
Sternotherus odoratus
Caretta caretta
Chelonia mydas
Lepidochelys kempii
Lepidochelys olivacea
Chelodina longicollis
Agama agama
Amphibolurus muricatus
Ctenophorus nuchalis
Draco volans
Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus
Leiolepis belliana
Physignathus lesueurii
Pogona barbata
Pogona vitticeps
Tympanocryptis lineata
Chamaeleo calyptratus
Chamaeleo dilepis
Basiliscus basiliscus
Basiliscus vittatus
Corytophanes hernandesii
Laemanctus serratus
Crotaphytus collaris
Crotaphytus insularis
Crotaphytus reticulatus
Gambelia wislizenii
Brachylophus vitiensis
Ctenosaura acanthura
Ctenosaura hemilopha
Ctenosaura pectinata
Ctenosaura similis
Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Iguana iguana
Sauromalus obesus
Leiocephalus carinatus
Callisaurus draconoides
Cophosaurus texanus
Holbrookia lacerata
Holbrookia maculata
Holbrookia propinqua
Petrosaurus mearnsi
Petrosaurus thalassinus
Phrynosoma cornutum
Phrynosoma hernandesi
Phrynosoma modestum
Phrynosoma orbiculare
Phrynosoma platyrhinos
Phrynosoma solare
Sceloporus aeneus
Sceloporus arenicolus
Sceloporus cautus
Sceloporus chaneyi
Sceloporus chrysostictus
Sceloporus clarkii
Sceloporus consobrinus
Sceloporus couchii
Sceloporus cozumelae
Sceloporus cyanogenys
Sceloporus cyanostictus
Sceloporus graciosus
Sceloporus grammicus
Sceloporus horridus
Sceloporus hunsakeri
Sceloporus jarrovii
Sceloporus licki
Sceloporus lundelli
Sceloporus magister
Sceloporus melanorhinus
Sceloporus merriami
Sceloporus minor
Sceloporus mucronatus
Sceloporus occidentalis
Sceloporus olivaceus
Sceloporus orcutti
Sceloporus parvus
Sceloporus poinsettii
Sceloporus samcolemani
Sceloporus scalaris
Sceloporus slevini
Sceloporus spinosus
Sceloporus taeniocnemis
Sceloporus teapensis
Sceloporus torquatus
Sceloporus undulatus
Sceloporus variabilis
Sceloporus virgatus
Sceloporus woodi
Urosaurus nigricaudus
Urosaurus ornatus
Uta stansburiana
Anolis barkeri
Anolis biporcatus
Anolis carolinensis
Anolis cristatellus
Anolis distichus
Anolis equestris
Anolis lemurinus
Anolis nebulosus
Anolis rodriguezi
Anolis sagrei
Anolis sericeus
Anolis uniformis
Chondrodactylus bibronii
Coleonyx brevis
Coleonyx elegans
Coleonyx variegatus
Diplodactylus vittatus
Gehyra mutilata
Gehyra oceanica
Gehyra variegata
Gekko gecko
Hemidactylus frenatus
Hemidactylus platyurus
Hemidactylus turcicus
Heteronotia binoei
Lepidodactylus lugubris
Lucasium byrnei
Lucasium damaeum
Lucasium steindachneri
Oedura coggeri
Strophurus intermedius
Tarentola mauritanica
Ameiva ameiva
Ameiva festiva
Aspidoscelis cozumelae
Aspidoscelis dixoni
Aspidoscelis exsanguis
Aspidoscelis gularis
Aspidoscelis gypsi
Aspidoscelis hyperythrus
Aspidoscelis inornatus
Aspidoscelis laredoensis
Aspidoscelis marmoratus
Aspidoscelis neomexicanus
Aspidoscelis septemvittatus
Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
Aspidoscelis sonorae
Aspidoscelis tesselatus
Aspidoscelis tigris
Aspidoscelis uniparens
Podarcis hispanicus
Takydromus sexlineatus
Timon lepidus
Carlia jarnoldae
Carlia rostralis
Cryptoblepharus australis
Egernia striolata
Emoia concolor
Emoia impar
Eulamprus brachyosoma
Lampropholis delicata
Plestiodon fasciatus
Plestiodon gilberti
Plestiodon laticeps
Plestiodon multivirgatus
Plestiodon obsoletus
Plestiodon skiltonianus
Plestiodon tetragrammus
Scincella lateralis
Tiliqua nigrolutea
Tiliqua rugosa
Tiliqua scincoides
Lepidophyma flavimaculatum
Lepidophyma sylvaticum
Xantusia henshawi
Xantusia vigilis
Abronia lythrochila
Barisia imbricata
Gerrhonotus infernalis
Mesaspis monticola
Ophisaurus attenuatus
Ophisaurus ventralis
Heloderma horridum
Heloderma suspectum
Varanus gouldii
Varanus niloticus
Varanus salvator
Varanus varius
Acrochordus granulatus
Xenopeltis unicolor
Lichanura trivirgata
Boa constrictor
Epicrates maurus
Adelphicos nigrilatum
Ahaetulla mycterizans
Ahaetulla prasina
Arizona elegans
Bogertophis subocularis
Boiga irregularis
Carphophis amoenus
Cemophora coccinea
Cerberus rynchops
Chilomeniscus stramineus
Chionactis occipitalis
Chrysopelea ornata
Coluber constrictor
Coniophanes bipunctatus
Coniophanes imperialis
Coniophanes piceivittis
Coniophanes quinquevittatus
Coniophanes schmidti
Conopsis nasus
Dendrelaphis punctulatus
Diadophis punctatus
Drymarchon corais
Drymarchon melanurus
Drymobius margaritiferus
Farancia abacura
Farancia erytrogramma
Ficimia olivacea
Ficimia publia
Ficimia streckeri
Geophis carinosus
Gyalopion canum
Heterodon nasicus
Heterodon platirhinos
Heterodon simus
Hypsiglena jani
Hypsiglena torquata
Imantodes cenchoa
Imantodes gemmistratus
Lampropeltis alterna
Lampropeltis calligaster
Lampropeltis getula
Lampropeltis pyromelana
Lampropeltis triangulum
Leptodeira annulata
Leptodeira frenata
Leptophis mexicanus
Masticophis bilineatus
Masticophis flagellum
Masticophis lateralis
Masticophis mentovarius
Masticophis schotti
Masticophis taeniatus
Mastigodryas melanolomus
Natrix maura
Nerodia clarkii
Nerodia cyclopion
Nerodia erythrogaster
Nerodia fasciata
Nerodia floridana
Nerodia harteri
Nerodia rhombifer
Nerodia sipedon
Nerodia taxispilota
Ninia sebae
Oligodon octolineatus
Opheodrys aestivus
Oxybelis aeneus
Oxybelis fulgidus
Oxyrhopus petolarius
Pantherophis alleghaniensis
Pantherophis bairdi
Pantherophis emoryi
Pantherophis flavirufus
Pantherophis guttatus
Pantherophis obsoletus
Pantherophis slowinskii
Pantherophis spiloides
Phyllorhynchus browni
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus
Pituophis catenifer
Pituophis deppei
Pituophis melanoleucus
Pliocercus elapoides
Pseudaspis cana
Regina grahami
Regina rigida
Rhadinaea gaigeae
Rhadinaea kanalchutchan
Rhadinaea taeniata
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
Rhinocheilus lecontei
Salvadora deserticola
Salvadora grahamiae
Salvadora hexalepis
Salvadora mexicana
Seminatrix pygaea
Senticolis triaspis
Sibon fischeri
Sibon nebulatus
Sonora semiannulata
Spilotes pullatus
Stenorrhina degenhardtii
Stenorrhina freminvillei
Storeria dekayi
Storeria hidalgoensis
Storeria occipitomaculata
Storeria storerioides
Tantilla atriceps
Tantilla coronata
Tantilla cucullata
Tantilla gracilis
Tantilla hobartsmithi
Tantilla moesta
Tantilla nigriceps
Thamnophis atratus
Thamnophis cyrtopsis
Thamnophis hammondii
Thamnophis marcianus
Thamnophis proximus
Thamnophis rufipunctatus
Thamnophis sauritus
Thamnophis sirtalis
Thamnophis valida
Trimorphodon biscutatus
Trimorphodon lambda
Trimorphodon tau
Trimorphodon vilkinsonii
Tropidodipsas sartorii
Virginia striatula
Virginia valeriae
Bungarus fasciatus
Micruroides euryxanthus
Micrurus browni
Micrurus diastema
Micrurus fulvius
Micrurus tener
Demansia psammophis
Enhydrina schistosa
Hoplocephalus bitorquatus
Pseudechis australis
Pseudechis porphyriacus
Pseudonaja textilis
Suta suta
Austrotyphlops nigrescens
Leptotyphlops dulcis
Leptotyphlops humilis
Agkistrodon contortrix
Agkistrodon piscivorus
Bitis arietans
Bothrops asper
Causus rhombeatus
Crotalus atrox
Crotalus basiliscus
Crotalus cerastes
Crotalus horridus
Crotalus intermedius
Crotalus lepidus
Crotalus mitchellii
Crotalus molossus
Crotalus oreganus
Crotalus pricei
Crotalus scutulatus
Crotalus simus
Crotalus tigris
Crotalus totonacus
Crotalus triseriatus
Crotalus viridis
Crotalus willardi
Sistrurus catenatus
Sistrurus miliarius
Alligator mississippiensis
Caiman crocodilus
Crocodylus acutus
Crocodylus moreletii
Crocodylus niloticus
Crocodylus porosus

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: June 30th, 2012, 2:03 pm 
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I think I'm at about 525 sp and ssp for the United States (list is at my office).

I'm reasonably happy with that amount, but it pales in comparison with the great Dick Bartlett. Last year he gave me a short list of the 13 U.S. taxa that he HAD NOT seen!


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: June 30th, 2012, 2:09 pm 

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Alligator mississippiensis
Sternotherus odoratus
S. minor
Kinosternon subrubrum
K. baurii
Gopherus polyphemus
G. berlandieri
Terrapene carolina carolina
T. c. major
T. c. triunguis
T.c. bauri
Graptemys geographica
G. gibbonsi
G. barbouri
G. ernsti
Chrysemys picta
Trachemys scripta scripta
T.s. elegans
Pseudemys alabamensis
P. nelsoni
P. concinna
Deirochelys reticularia
Chelydra serpentina
Apalone spinifera
A. ferox
A. mutica
Hemidactylus turcicus
H. garnoti
H. mabouia
Basiliscus vittatus
Anolis sagrei
A. carolinensis
A. distichus
A. equestris
Sceloporus variabilis
S. undulatus
S. olivaceus
Ophisaurus attenuatus
O. ventralis
Aspidoscelis s. sexlineatus
A. gularis (?)
Scincella lateralis
Plestiodon inexpectatus
P. fasciatus
P. laticeps
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis
N. fasciata ssp.
N. erythrogaster flavigaster
N. clarkii clarkii
N. cyclopion
N. floridana
N. rhombifer
N. taxispilota
Storeria dekayi
S. occipitomaculata
Seminatrix pygaea
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
T. sauritus sauritsu
T. sauritus sackenii
T. s. nitae
T. proximus
Diadophis punctatus ssp.
Opheodrys aestivus
Rhadinaea flavilata
Coluber constrictor priapus
C. c. helvogularis
C. c. paludicola
Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi
Pantherophis guttattus
P. obsoletus spiloides
P. o. quadrivittata
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki
L. g. nigra
Drymobius margaritiferus
Tantilla coronata
Agkistrodon c. contortrix
A. piscivorus leucostoma
A. p. conanti
Sistrurus miliarius barbouri
Crotalus adamanteus
Micrurus fulvius
Amphiuma sp.
Notopthalmus viridescens louisianensis
Plethodon mississippi
Desmognathus auriculatus (?)
Eurycea bislineata
E. cirrigera
E. guttolineata
E. quadridigitata
Scaphiopus holbrooki
Bufo terrestris
B. americanus
B. fowleri
B. valliceps (or whatever it is now)
B. marinus
B. quercicus
Gastrophryne carolinensis
Eleutherodactylus planirostris
Acris gryllus
A. crepitans
Pseudacris crucifer
Hyla squirrela
H. cinerea
H. versicolor
H. chrysocelis
H. avivoca
H. gratiosa
Osteopilus septentrionalis
Rana sphenocephala
R. berlandieri
R. clamitans clamitans
R. c. melanota
R. grylio
R. catesbeiana

This is live stuff only, I don't count DORs. Also didn't mention every single ssp because of intergrade zones.

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 7:35 am 
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Chrish and Jeff,

What kind of lifestyles or jobs allow you to put together such impressive lists? Seeing new species and habitats is (almost) all I care about and I would love to compile lists like yours.

intermedius, some very impressive species there.

Michael Cravens

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 9:45 am 
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What kind of lifestyles or jobs allow you to put together such impressive lists? Seeing new species and habitats is (almost) all I care about and I would love to compile lists like yours.

It sounds as though I did things similar to your bald eagle work -- temporary things all over (Montana, Arizona, California) plus lived in California and made occasional trips as far as Texas. Now I've been in Louisiana for 20 years working as a herpetologist. I saw lifelist critter #1 in 1964, so I've been at it longer than most. I also had the benefit of looking when there was more undeveloped land and better populations of things. However, one rarely encountered another herpetologist, so few were around to offer sites and techniques.

I just checked and see that I'm at 556 for the United States.


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 9:55 am 
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Did you, by chance, do a turtle survey for Big Oak Tree SP in MO?

Michael Cravens

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PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 10:58 am 
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Wasn't me, but maybe Jeff Briggler, the MO state herpetologist.


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 1:10 pm 
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With just a little research I figured it out. It was Brad 'Bones' Glorioso, from Louisiana. I had worked there in the past, and knew a herp fellow from Louisiana did our turtle survey. When you said you were from there, I figured that maybe...

Michael Cravens

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 7:23 pm 
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MichaelCravens wrote:
Chrish and Jeff,

What kind of lifestyles or jobs allow you to put together such impressive lists?

intermedius, some very impressive species there.

Michael Cravens

Simple...Academia. And I travel whenever and where ever I get the chance. I've been lucky as my family members have lived in other countries so going to visit family often meant going to Indonesia or meeting them somewhere like Fiji.

And I travel where ever I can in between. As long as there is a reasonable chance I won't be beheaded, I'll go there.

Actually, if I had herped more in my travels, my list would be 2-3 times that long. And then there were all those years in Indonesia where I didn't know what 90% of the stuff I saw was....and I still don't know a lot of it. My bird list is a lot longer because they make bird books to just about anywhere. No such luck on herp books. :(

If by intermedius you mean Crotalus intermedius, it was a pretty crappy sighting. I was herping with some Mexican grad students (summer job while in college ;) ) and one of them flipped a rock and said, "Look, it's Crotalus intermedius". I ran over (having never heard of intermedius or most Mexican crotes at that time) and said "cool" as I watched it crawl into a crevice and be gone. But I can say I've seen it!

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 9:59 am 
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Hey Chris,

Thank you for the reply, I would say you're a lucky guy, but clearly you've worked for what you've seen. And, if your photography is any indication, you're dedicated to your passions.

I was referring to the forum poster "intermedius" that posted above. I enjoyed your Crotalus intermedius story, just the same.

Michael Cravens

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 4:38 pm 

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Incredible lists guys! Simply dwarfs my ~270 species (~160 US, ~110 Panama, plus a few others from random areas). It definitely gives me something to shoot for though.


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 4:56 pm 
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I keep my illustrated life list on I’ve currently got 620 species up there, with photographs of the vast majority.


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 5:22 pm 
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Here's mine: ... elist.html


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 10:47 pm 

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Great lists guys. Love some of those numbers ! Ive always wondered why herpers do not seem to talk a lot about there life lists. My number is small (87) but I believe the secret is traveling, and that is something that I have only recently started to do.

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 10:59 pm 

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Anybody else reading these life lists feel a bit like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts' Halloween Special?

"I got a rock."

Incredible lists, folks!

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 5th, 2012, 1:49 pm 
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Ribbit wrote:
I keep my illustrated life list on I’ve currently got 620 species up there, with photographs of the vast majority.


Now that's pretty cool. I would love to have photos of all the herps I've seen, or even a small proportion thereof.

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 5th, 2012, 1:54 pm 
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MichaelCravens wrote:

I was referring to the forum poster "intermedius" that posted above. I enjoyed your Crotalus intermedius story, just the same.

Michael Cravens

Oops.. :oops: but isn't that his/her wishlist?

My wishlist would probably start with a wild Lanthonotus borneensis.

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PostPosted: July 5th, 2012, 11:06 pm 

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Anybody else reading these life lists feel a bit like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts' Halloween Special?

You can be Charlie Brown and I'll be Snoopy :) My life list is around 60, with approx. 1/4 Western Canada and the rest the USA.


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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 6th, 2012, 11:20 pm 
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Great initiative! I got inspired to start my own list and recollect all the wonderful adventures involved in finding herps. In contrast to bird watchers' life lists, ours usually involve a lot more effort and (mis)adventures (irrespective of the impressions given by the movie "the big year"). I keep a herp journal but do not always diligently enter my observations but in combination with my photographs I hope to construct a list.

Thomas Hakansson

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 7th, 2012, 1:59 am 
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my humble list (to 2011). As of last month, I've also added Lampropholis delicata from my postdoc advisor's front yard- a 2 square meter area had about 40 of them!

Ambystoma maculatum
Ambystoma annulatum
Ambystoma jeffersonianum
Ambystoma opacum (larval)
Ambystoma talpoideum (larval)
Ambystoma texanum
Ambystoma tigrinum

Amphiuma means

Aneides aeneus
Bolitoglossa schizodactyla
Bolitoglossa striatula
Desmognathus brimleyorum
Desmognathus carolinensis
Desmognathus fuscus
Desmognathus imitator
Desmognathus monticola
Desmognathus ocoee
Desmognathus organi
Desmognathus quadramaculatus
Eurycea cirrigera
Eurycea longicauda melanopleura
Eurycea lucifuga
Eurycea multiplicata
Eurycea multiplicata griseogaster
Eurycea quadridigitata
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus
Plethodon albagula
Plethodon augusticlavius
Plethodon caddoensis
Plethodon cinereus
Plethodon cylindraceus
Plethodon fourchensis
Plethodon grobmani
Plethodon hoffmani
Plethodon hubrichti
Plethodon jordani
Plethodon kiamichi
Plethodon ouachitae
Plethodon sequoyah
Plethodon serratus
Plethodon sherando
Plethodon welleri
Pseudotriton ruber

Notophthalmus viridescens
Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis


Allobates talamancae

Bufo americanus
Bufo cognatus
Bufo debilis
Bufo fowleri
Bufo marinus
Bufo punctatus
Bufo quercicus
Bufo speciosus
Bufo terrestris
Bufo valliceps
Bufo woodhousii
Rhinella margaritifera


Cochranella euknemos

Colostethus flotator
Dendrobates auratus
Dendrobates pumilio

Acris crepitans
Acris gryllus dorsalis
Agalychnis callidryas
Dendropsophus microcephalus
Hyla arenicolor
Hyla chrysoscelis
Hyla cinerea
Hyla femoralis
Hyla gratiosa
Hyla rosenbergi
Hyla squirella
Hyla versicolor
Osteopilus septentrionalis
Phrynohyas venulosa
Pseudacris crucifer
Pseudacris triseriata
Psuedacris clarkii
Smilisca phaeota
Smilisca sila
Smilisca sordida

Engystomops pustulosus

Craugastor gollmeri
Diasporus diastema
Eleutherodactylus bransfordii
Eleutherodactylus fitzingeri
Eleutherodactylus hylaeformis
Eleutherodactylus planirostris
Eleutherodactylus ranoides
Eleutherodactylus ridens
Leptodactylus pentadactylus
Pleurodema brachyops

Gastrophryne carolinensis
Gastrophryne olivacea

Scaphiopus couchii
Scaphiopus holbrooki
Scaphiopus holbrooki hurteri
Spea multiplicata
Spea bombifrons

Rana areolata
Rana berlandieri
Rana catesbeiana
Rana clamitans
Rana clamitans melanota
Rana forreri
Rana grylio
Rana palustris
Rana sphenocephala
Rana sylvatica
Rana blairi

Pristimantis cruentus or cerasinus


Caretta caretta
Eretmochelys imbricata bissa

Chelydra serpentina
Chelydra serpentina osceola

Chrysemys ornata
Chrysemys picta
Chrysemys picta marginata
Deirochelys reticularia (shell)
Graptemys geographica
Graptemys kohnii
Graptemys ouachitensis
Pseudemys concinna
Pseudemys nelsoni
Psuedemys floridana peninsularis
Rhinoclemmys annulata
Terrapene carolina
Terrapene carolina bauri
Terrapene carolina major
Terrapene carolina triunguis
Terrapene ornata
Trachemys s. scripta
Trachemys scripta elegans
Trachemys scripta troosti

Kinosternon baurii
Kinosternon flavoventris
Kinosternon sonoriense
Kinosternon subrubrum
Sternotherus minor peltifer
Sternotherus odoratus

Gopherus agassizii
Gopherus polyphemus


Apalone ferox
Apalone mutica
Apalone s. spinifera
Apalone spinifera hartwegi

Chlamydosarus kingii
Hypsilurus boydii
Physignathus lesueurii

Elgaria kingii
Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus
Ophisaurus ventralis


Basiliscus basiliscus
Basiliscus plumifrons
Basiliscus vittatus
Corytophanes cristatus

Crotaphytus collaris collaris
Crotaphytus collaris baileyi
Crotaphytus bicinctores
Gambelia wislizenii

Coleonyx brevis
Coleonyx variegatus
Gonatodes albogularis
Hemidactylus frenatus
Hemidactylus garnotii
Hemidactylus mabuya
Hemidactylus turcicus
Lepidodactylus lugubris

Echinosaura panamensis


Heloderma suspectum

Ctenosaura similis
Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Iguana iguana
Sauromalus obesus


Anolis carolinensis
Anolis sagrei
Dactyloa ibanezi
Norops humilus
Norops lemurinus
Norops limnifrons
Norops oxylophus
Norops plumifrons
Norops polylepis
Norops woodi

Callisaurus draconoides
Cophosaurus texanus scitulus
Holbrookia elegans
Holbrookia propinqua
Phrynosoma cornutum
Phrynosoma hernandesi
Phrynosoma modestum
Phrynosoma solare
Sceloporus clarkii
Sceloporus consobrinus
Sceloporus consobrinus garmani
Sceloporus graciosus
Sceloporus jarrovi
Sceloporus magister bimaculosus
Sceloporus merriami annulatus
Sceloporus olivaceus
Sceloporus poinsetti
Sceloporus serrifer/cyanogenys
Sceloporus tristichus
Sceloporus undulatus
Sceloporus undulatus elongatus
Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthus
Sceloporus variabilis
Sceloporus virgatus
Sceloporus woodi
Urosaurus ornatus
Urosaurus ornatus levis
Urosaurus ornatus schmidti
Uta stansburiana
Uta stansburiana stejnegeri

Carlia rubrigularis
Eumeces anthracinus pluvialis
Eumeces egregius lividus
Eumeces fasciatus
Eumeces laticeps
Eumeces obsoletus
Eumeces septentrionalis obtusirostris
Eumeces tetragrammus brevilineatus
Neoseps reynoldsi
Scincella lateralis

Ameiva ameiva
Ameiva festiva
Ameiva quadrilineata
Ameiva undulata
Aspidoscelis burti
Aspidoscelis exsangua
Aspidoscelis flagellicauda
Aspidoscelis gularis
Aspidoscelis inornata
Aspidoscelis marmoratus
Aspidoscelis neomexicana
Aspidoscelis septemvittatus
Aspidoscelis sexlineata
Aspidoscelis sexlineata viridis
Aspidoscelis sonorae
Aspidoscelis tesselata
Aspidoscelis tigris septentrionalis
Aspidoscelis uniparens
Aspidoscelis velox

Boa constrictor (DOR)

Morelia amethystinus
Morelia spilota cheneyi

Arizona elegans
Arizona elegans arenicola (DOR)
Arizona elegans philipi
Bogertophis subocularis
Boiga irregularis
Carphophis amoenus
Carphophis vermis
Cemophora coccinea
Coluber c. paludicola
Coluber constrictor
Coluber constrictor anthicus
Coluber constrictor etheridei
Coluber constrictor flaviventris
Coluber constrictor priapus
Dendrelaphis punctulata
Diadophis punctatus
Diadophis punctatus arnyi
Diadophis punctatus edwardsii
Diadophis punctatus stictogenys
Dipsas temporalis
Drymarchon corais erebennus
Drymobius margaritiferus
Elaphe emoryi
Elaphe guttata
Elaphe obsoleta
Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri
Elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata
Elaphe obsoleta spiloides
Enulius flavitorques
Farancia abacura
Farancia abacura reinwardtii
Gyalopion quadrangulare
Heterodon nasicus
Heterodon nasicus kennerlyi (DOR)
Heterodon platyrhinos
Heterodon simus (DOR)
Hypsiglena chlorophaea (DOR)
Hypsiglena jani
Hypsiglena sp- hooded
Lampropeltis calligaster
Lampropeltis calligaster occipitomaculata (DOR)
Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata (DOR)
Lampropeltis getula
Lampropeltis getula floridana
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki
Lampropeltis getula nigra
Lampropeltis getula splendida
Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides
Lampropeltis triangulum gentilis
Lampropeltis triangulum syspila
Leptodeira annulata
Leptophis ahaetulla
Masticophis bilineatus
Masticophis flagellum
Masticophis flagellum piceus (DOR)
Masticophis flagellum testaceus
Masticophis schotti
Masticophis taeniatus
Nerodia clarkii
Nerodia clarkii compressicauda (DOR)
Nerodia cyclopion
Nerodia e. erythrogaster (DOR)
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster
Nerodia erythrogaster transversa
Nerodia fasciata
Nerodia fasciata confluens
Nerodia fasciata pictiventris
Nerodia floridana
Nerodia rhombifer
Nerodia sipedon
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis
Nerodia taxispilota (DOR)
Opheodrys aestivus
Oxybelis brevirostris
Oxybelis fulgidus
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus
Pituophis catenifer affinis
Pituophis catenifer deserticola
Pituophis catenifer sayi
Regina alleni
Regina rigida (DOR)
Regina septemvittata
Rhadinaea flavilata
Rhinocheilus l. lecontei
Rhinocheilus lecontei tesselatus
Salvadora deserticola
Salvadora grahamiae
Salvadora grahamiae lineata
Seminatrix pygaea
Senticolis triaspis (DOR)
Sibon nebulatus
Sonora semiannulata
Storeria dekayi victa
Storeria dekayi wrightorum
Storeria occipitomaculata
Storeria occipitomaculata obscura
Tantilla coronata
Tantilla gracilis
Tantilla nigriceps
Tantilla relicta neilli
Tantilla wilcoxi
Thamnophis cyrtopsis
Thamnophis marcianus
Thamnophis proximus
Thamnophis proximus orarius
Thamnophis sauritus nitae
Thamnophis sauritus sackenii
Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis
Thamnophis sirtalis similis
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis
Tropidoclonium lineatum
Virginia striatula
Virginia valeriae

Micrurodies euryxanthus
Micrurus fulvius
Micrurus nigrocinctus
Micrurus tener
Pseudechis porphyricus (DOR)


Ramphotyphlops braminus

Leptotyphlops dissectus
Leptotyphlops humilis

Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix
Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus
Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen
Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster
Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster
Agkistrodon piscivorous conanti
Agkistrodon piscivorous leucostoma
Agkistrodon piscivorous piscivorous
Bothriechis schlegelii
Crotalus adamanteus
Crotalus atrox
Crotalus cerastes cercobombus
Crotalus cerberus
Crotalus horridus
Crotalus lepidus klauberi
Crotalus molossus
Crotalus pricei
Crotalus scutulatus
Crotalus tigris
Crotalus viridis
Crotalus willardi
Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus
Sistrurus miliarius barbouri
Sistrurus miliarius streckeri

Alligator mississippiensis
Caiman crocodilus
Crocodylus acutus
Crocodylus johnsoni
Crocodylus porosus

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I usually use latin names when I can, but considering I just typed this up for the sake of this thread, I'll let myself slide :lol: The question marks are those I couldn't properly identify, being too young, too far away, or just have no clue.

Turned out a bit shorter than I thought....


Eastern fence lizard
Crevice spiny lizard
Eastern collared lizard
Green anole
Cuban brown anole
Bark anole
Large-headed anole (?)
Texas alligator lizard
Six-lined racerunner
Unknown whiptail(s)
Argentine black and white tegu (DOR)
Common five-lined skink
Broad-headed skink
Ground skink
Mediterranean gecko
Indo-Pacific house gecko
Green iguana
Black spiny-tailed iguana


Western diamond-backed rattlesnake
Timber rattlesnake (black phase and “canebrake”)
Dusky pygmy rattlesnake
Northern copperhead
Eastern cottonmouth
Florida cottonmouth
Western cottonmouth (?)
Eastern worm snake
Northern brown snake
Northern ring-necked snake
Southern ring-necked snake
Eastern garter snake
Eastern ribbon snake
Peninsula ribbon snake (DOR)
Rough green snake
Northern black racer
Everglades racer
Western coachwhip (?)
Northern water snake
Red-bellied water snake
Brown water snake
Florida green water snake
Florida banded water snake
Queen snake
Common rainbow snake
Eastern hognose snake (dead)
Red corn snake
Eastern black rat snake
Texas rat snake (dead)
Eastern milk snake
Mole kingsnake
Burmese python (DOR)


Common snapping turtle
Alligator snapping turtle (DOR?)
Common map turtle (?)
Red-eared slider
Yellow-bellied slider
Eastern painted turtle
Northern red-bellied cooter
Florida cooter
Eastern mud turtle
Striped musk turtle (shell)
Wood turtle (?)
Spotted turtle
Florida box turtle
Eastern box turtle
Florida softshell turtle
Hawksbill sea turtle


American crocodile
American alligator

Frogs & Toads

American bullfrog
Green frog
Pickerel frog
Southern leopard frog
Wood frog
Carpenter frog (heard)
Northern cricket frog
Common gray treefrog
Cope’s gray treefrog
Green treefrog
Squirrel treefrog
Pine Woods treefrog
Cuban treefrog
Spring peeper
Eastern narrow-mouthed toad
Gulf Coast toad
American toad
Southern toad
Fowler’s toad
Houston toad (?)

Salamanders & Newts

Eastern red-backed salamander (red-backed, yellow-backed, and lead-backed phases)
Northern red salamander
Northern dusky salamander
Seal salamander (?)
Northern two-lined salamander
Three-lined salamander
Long-tailed salamander
Long-tailed x three-lined salamander hybrid
Northern spring salamander
White-spotted slimy salamander
Atlantic coast slimy salamander
Marbled salamander
Spotted salamander
Eastern red-spotted newt (adult and red eft)

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Eh mine is pretty short, guess I have to get out more. But here it is. In all 77 subspecies. I count them as photographed. If I forgot my camera I dont count it. And I dont count DOR
Acris crepitans (Northern Cricket Frog)
Acris gryllus (Southern Cricket Frog)
Acris blanchardi (Blanchard's Cricket Frog)
Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen (Northern Copperhead)
Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus (Eastern Cottonmouth)
Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma (Western Cottonmouth)
Ambystoma mabeei (Mabee's Salamander)
Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander)
Ambystoma opacum (Marbled Salamander)
Anaxyrus americanus (American Toad)
Anaxyrus americanus charlesmithi(Dwarf American Toad)
Anaxyrus terrestris (Southern Toad)
Anaxyrus fowleri (Fowler's Toad)
Apalone spinifera spinifera (Eastern Spiny Softshell)
Carphophis amoenus amoenus (Eastern Wormsnake)
Carphophis amoenus helenae (Midwestern Wormsnake)
Chelydra serpentina serpentina (Eastern Snapping Turtle)
Chrysemys picta picta (Eastern Painted Turtle)
Coluber constrictor constrictor (Northern Black Racer)
Coluber constrictor priapus (Southern Black Racer)
Desmognathus auriculatus (Southern Dusky Salamander)
Desmognathus fuscus (Northern Dusky Salamander)
Diadophis punctatus edwardsii (Northern Ring-necked Snake)
Diadophis punctatus punctatus (Southern Ring-necked Snake)
Diadophis punctatus dugesii (Prairie Ring-necked Snake)
Eurycea cirrigera (Southern Two-lined Salamander)
Eurycea guttolineata (Three-lined Salamander)
Eurycea lucifuga (Cave Salamander)
Farancia erytrogramma erytrogramma (Common Rainbow Snake)
Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad)
Heterodon platirhinos (Eastern hog-nosed Snake)
Hyla chrysoscelis (Cope's Gray Treefrog)
Hyla cinerea (Green Treefrog)
Hyla squirella (Squirrel Treefrog)
Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum (Eastern Mud Turtle)
Lampropeltis getula getula (Eastern Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis getula nigra (Eastern Black Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis calligaster (Prairie Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum (Eastern Milksnake)
Lithobates blairi (Plains Leopard Frog)
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)
Lithobates clamitans melanota (Northern Green Frog)
Lithobates sphenocephalus (Southern Leopard Frog)
Nerodia erythrogaster erythrogaster (Red-bellied Water Snake)
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster (Yellow-bellied Water Snake)
Nerodia sipedon sipedon (Common Watersnake)
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis (Midland Watersnake)
Nerodia taxispilota (Brown Watersnake)
Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens (Red-spotted Newt)
Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis (Central Newt)
Opheodrys aestivus (Rough Greensnake)
Pantherophis alleghaniensis (Eastern Ratsnake)
Pantherophis guttatus (Red Cornsnake)
Plestiodon fasciatus (Common Five-lined Skink)
Plestiodon laticeps (Broad-headed Skink)
Plethodon chlorobryonis (Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander)
Plethodon cinereus (Eastern Red-backed Salamander)
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper)
Pseudacris feriarum (Upland Chorus Frog)
Pseudacris triseriata (Western Chorus Frog)
Pseudemys concinna concinna (Eastern River Cooter)
Pseudemys rubriventris (Northern Red-bellied Cooter)
Regina grahamii (Graham's Crayfish Snake)
Scaphiopus holbrookii (Eastern Spadefoot)
Sceloporus undulatus (Eastern Fence Lizard)
Scincella lateralis (Little Brown Skink)
Siren intermedia (Lesser Siren)
Sternotherus odoratus (Eastern Musk Turtle)
Storeria dekayi dekayi (Northern Brownsnake)
Storeria dekayi wrightorum (Midland Brownsnake)
Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata (Northern Red-bellied Snake)
Terrapene carolina carolina (Eastern Box Turtle)
Thamnophis sauritus sauritus (Common Ribbonsnake)
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (Eastern Gartersnake)
Trachemys scripta elegans (Red-eared Slider)
Trachemys scripta scripta (Yellow-bellied Slider)
Virginia straitula (Rough Earthsnake)
Virginia valeriae (Eastern Smooth Earthsnake)

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OK, here's an improved version of my lifelist. Why improved? Because this is my lifelist of records entered into the NaHerp database! The taxonomic names are followed by the number of records that I entered for that taxon.

Anyone with records in the database can generate their NAHerp lifelist just as easily by going to the link that Don provided on the NAFHA forum.

(Thanks Don for adding this awesome feature!)

Taxon Count
Dermophis mexicanus 1

Taxon Count
Alligator mississippiensis 12
Crocodylus acutus 3
Crocodylus moreletii 6

Frogs and Toads
Taxon Count
Acris crepitans 58
Acris crepitans crepitans 1
Acris gryllus dorsalis 1
Agalychnis callidryas 2
Anaxyrus americanus americanus 1
Anaxyrus cognatus 3
Anaxyrus debilis debilis 4
Anaxyrus debilis insidior 4
Anaxyrus fowleri 1
Anaxyrus punctatus 5
Anaxyrus quercicus 1
Anaxyrus speciosus 40
Anaxyrus terrestris 1
Anaxyrus woodhousii australis 1
Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii 3
Craugastor alfredi conspicuus 1
Craugastor augusti 1
Craugastor augusti latrans 1
Craugastor loki 6
Craugastor rhodopus 1
Dendropsophus microcephalus 2
Ecnomiohyla miotympanum 1
Eleutherodactylus 1
Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides campi 16
Eleutherodactylus marnockii 8
Eleutherodactylus planirostris 1
Gastrophryne carolinensis 11
Gastrophryne olivacea olivacea 70
Hyla arenicolor 3
Hyla avivoca ogechiensis 1
Hyla chrysoscelis 27
Hyla cinerea 36
Hyla eximia 1
Hyla femoralis 3
Hyla gratiosa 2
Hyla squirella 12
Hyla versicolor 5
Hyla walkeri 1
Hypopachus variolosus 4
Leptodactylus melanonotus 2
Lithobates berlandieri 40
Lithobates blairi 2
Lithobates brownorum 2
Lithobates catesbeianus 18
Lithobates clamitans clamitans 4
Lithobates sphenocephalus 2
Lithobates sphenocephalus sphenocephalus 1
Lithobates sphenocephalus utricularius 20
Lithobates yavapaiensis 1
Ollotis bocourti 1
Ollotis cavifrons 1
Ollotis nebulifer 102
Ollotis valliceps 2
Osteopilus septentrionalis 2
Pseudacris clarkii 20
Pseudacris crucifer 2
Pseudacris feriarum 2
Pseudacris ocularis 1
Pseudacris ornata 1
Pseudacris sierra 1
Pseudacris streckeri 3
Rana draytonii 1
Rhinella marina 2
Rhinophrynus dorsalis 2
Scaphiopus couchii 15
Scaphiopus hurterii 3
Scinax staufferi staufferi 1
Smilisca baudinii 11
Spea bombifrons 3
Spea multiplicata 1
Spea multiplicata stagnalis 1
Trachycephalus venulosus 3
Triprion petasatus 1

Taxon Count
Abronia lythrochila 1
Agama agama africana 3
Ameiva 1
Ameiva undulata 2
Anolis barkeri 1
Anolis biporcatus biporcatus 1
Anolis carolinensis carolinensis 11
Anolis carolinensis seminolus 1
Anolis cristatellus cristatellus 1
Anolis distichus 1
Anolis equestris equestrius 3
Anolis lemurinus lemurinus 3
Anolis rodriquezi rodriquezi 2
Anolis sagrei 3
Anolis sagrei sagrei 2
Anolis sericus 4
Anolis tropidonotus tropidonotus 1
Aspidoscelis 2
Aspidoscelis exsanguis 2
Aspidoscelis gularis gularis 13
Aspidoscelis gypsi 1
Aspidoscelis hyperythra beldingi 1
Aspidoscelis inornata 1
Aspidoscelis laredoensis 1
Aspidoscelis marmorata 1
Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata 2
Aspidoscelis uniparens 1
Barisia ciliaris 2
Basiliscus vittatus 4
Callisaurus draconoides 1
Callisaurus draconoides draconoides 1
Chamaeleo calyptratus 1
Coleonyx brevis 5
Coleonyx elegans 1
Coleonyx variegatus variegatus 2
Cophosaurus texanus 1
Cophosaurus texanus texanus 3
Corytophanes hernandezii 1
Cosymbotus platyurus 1
Crotaphytus bicinctores 1
Crotaphytus collaris 5
Crotaphytus reticulatus 3
Ctenosaura acanthura 2
Ctenosaura hemilopha hemilopha 1
Ctenosaura macrolopha 1
Ctenosaura pectinata 3
Ctenosaura similis 1
Ctenosaura similis similis 7
Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata 1
Elgaria multicarinata webbii 1
Gekko gecko gecko 1
Gerrhonotus infernalis infernalis 1
Gerrhonotus infernalis loweryi 1
Heloderma horridum alvarezi 1
Heloderma suspectum cinctum 1
Hemidactylus frenatus 5
Hemidactylus mabouia 1
Hemidactylus turcicus turcicus 5
Holbrookia approximans 1
Holbrookia lacerata lacerata 1
Holbrookia maculata approximans 1
Holbrookia maculata ruthveni 1
Holbrookia propinqua propinqua 2
Iguana iguana 6
Laemanctus serratus 1
Leiolepis belliana 1
Lepidophyma flavimaculatum 1
Lepidophyma sylvaticum 1
Mesaspis moreleti 1
Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus 1
Ophisaurus ventralis 1
Petrosaurus mearnsi 1
Petrosaurus thalassinus 1
Phrynosoma cornutum 10
Phrynosoma modestum 4
Phrynosoma orbiculare 2
Plestiodon brevirostris 1
Plestiodon fasciatus 7
Plestiodon gilberti cancellosus 1
Plestiodon gilberti rubricaudatus 2
Plestiodon inexpectatus 1
Plestiodon laticeps 2
Plestiodon multivirgatus epipleurotus 2
Plestiodon obsoletus 2
Plestiodon skiltonianus skiltonianus 1
Plestiodon tetragrammus brevilineatus 1
Plestiodon tetragrammus tetragrammus 2
Sauromalus ater 1
Sceloporus chrysostictus 4
Sceloporus clarkii clarkii 1
Sceloporus consobrinus 5
Sceloporus couchii 1
Sceloporus cozumelae 1
Sceloporus cyanogenys 2
Sceloporus cyanostictus 1
Sceloporus grammicus microlepidotus 1
Sceloporus horridus horridus 1
Sceloporus hunsakeri 1
Sceloporus jarrovii 1
Sceloporus merriami annulatus 1
Sceloporus merriami merriami 1
Sceloporus minor 2
Sceloporus occidentalis bocourtii 1
Sceloporus occidentalis longipes 2
Sceloporus olivaceus 20
Sceloporus poinsettii axtelli 6
Sceloporus poinsettii poinsettii 5
Sceloporus taeniocnemis hartwegi 2
Sceloporus teapensis 2
Sceloporus variabilis marmoratus 6
Sceloporus variabilis variabilis 1
Sceloporus virgatus 1
Sceloporus woodi 1
Scincella lateralis 2
Tarentola annularis 2
Thecadactylus rapicaudus 1
Urosaurus nigricaudus 1
Urosaurus ornatus levis 2
Urosaurus ornatus ornatus 1
Urosaurus ornatus schmidti 1
Uta stansburiana elegans 2
Uta stansburiana stejnegeri 8
Xantusia henshawi 1
Xantusia vigilis vigilis 1

Taxon Count
Ambystoma maculatum 1
Ambystoma mavortium 1
Ambystoma opacum 3
Ambystoma talpoideum 1
Ambystoma texanum 2
Ambystoma tigrinum 1
Amphiuma means 1
Batrachoseps attenuatus 1
Desmognathus auriculatus 1
Desmognathus carolinensis 1
Desmognathus monticola 1
Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica 1
Eurycea bislineata 1
Eurycea guttolineata 1
Eurycea neotenes 1
Eurycea quadridigitata 2
Eurycea wilderae 1
Notophthalmus viridescens 1
Plethodon albagula 4
Plethodon angusticlavius 1
Plethodon cinereus 1
Plethodon welleri 1
Pseudoeurycea galeanae 1
Pseudotriton montanus montanus 1
Pseudotriton ruber vioscai 1
Siren intermedia intermedia 1
Siren intermedia nettingi 1
Siren lacertina 1

Taxon Count
Adelphicos nigrilatum 1
Agkistrodon bilineatus russeolus 1
Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix 6
Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus 3
Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster 2
Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster 6
Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma 7
Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus 1
Amastridium sapperi 1
Arizona elegans arenicola 8
Arizona elegans elegans 2
Arizona elegans philipi 2
Boa constrictor 1
Boa constrictor imperator 4
Bogertophis subocularis subocularis 16
Bothrops asper 6
Cemophora coccinea copei 1
Cemophora coccinea lineri 1
Chilomeniscus stramineus 1
Chionactis occipitalis occipitalis 1
Coluber bilineatus 1
Coluber constrictor anthicus 1
Coluber constrictor constrictor 1
Coluber constrictor flaviventris 5
Coluber constrictor oaxaca 2
Coluber constrictor paludicola 1
Coluber constrictor priapus 1
Coluber flagellum flagellum 1
Coluber flagellum piceus 2
Coluber flagellum testaceus 18
Coluber mentovarius mentovarius 2
Coluber schotti ruthveni 1
Coluber schotti schotti 2
Coluber taeniatus girardi 2
Coluber taeniatus taeniatus 2
Coniophanes bipunctatus biseriatus 1
Coniophanes imperialis clavatus 2
Coniophanes imperialis copei 1
Coniophanes imperialis imperialis 1
Coniophanes quinquevittatus 2
Coniophanes schmidti 2
Conophis concolor 1
Contia tenuis 1
Crotalus atrox 49
Crotalus basiliscus 1
Crotalus cerastes cerastes 1
Crotalus cerastes cercobombus 1
Crotalus horridus 2
Crotalus lepidus 2
Crotalus lepidus klauberi 3
Crotalus lepidus lepidus 4
Crotalus lepidus morulus 1
Crotalus mitchellii pyrrhus 3
Crotalus molossus molossus 14
Crotalus molossus nigrescens 5
Crotalus oreganus oreganus 1
Crotalus pricei miquihuanus 1
Crotalus pricei pricei 1
Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus 11
Crotalus totonacus 1
Crotalus triseriatus triseriatus 1
Crotalus viridis 6
Crotalus viridis viridis 1
Diadophis punctatus arnyi 1
Diadophis punctatus edwardsii 1
Diadophis punctatus punctatus 2
Diadophis punctatus regalis 4
Dipsas brevifacies 4
Drymarchon melanurus erebennus 9
Drymarchon melanurus melanurus 3
Drymarchon melanurus orizabensis 1
Drymarchon melanurus rubidus 3
Drymobius margaritiferus margaritiferus 4
Farancia abacura abacura 1
Farancia abacura reinwardtii 5
Farancia erytrogramma erytrogramma 2
Ficimia olivaceus 1
Ficimia publia 3
Ficimia streckeri 1
Geophis carinosus 1
Gyalopion canum 10
Heterodon kennerlyi 5
Heterodon nasicus 2
Heterodon platirhinos 7
Heterodon simus 2
Hypsiglena chlorophaea chlorophaea 1
Hypsiglena jani jani 1
Hypsiglena jani texana 4
Imantodes cenchoa leucomelas 2
Imantodes gemmistratus 1
Imantodes tenuissimus 1
Lampropeltis alterna 6
Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster 10
Lampropeltis getula californiae 2
Lampropeltis getula getula 3
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki 6
Lampropeltis getula splendida 20
Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri 1
Lampropeltis pyromelana 1
Lampropeltis triangulum amaura 4
Lampropeltis triangulum annulata 6
Lampropeltis triangulum blanchardi 1
Lampropeltis triangulum celaenops 1
Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides 2
Lampropeltis triangulum polyzona 3
Leptodeira frenata malleisi 1
Leptodeira septentrionalis 1
Leptophis mexicanus mexicanus 1
Leptophis mexicanus septentrionalis 1
Leptotyphlops dulcis 1
Leptotyphlops dulcis dulcis 3
Leptotyphlops humilis 1
Leptotyphlops humilis segregus 5
Lichanura trivirgata gracia 3
Mastigodryas melanolomus melanolomus 2
Micruroides euryxanthus euryxanthus 1
Micrurus diastema 1
Micrurus diastema apiatus 1
Micrurus tener 7
Micrurus tener tener 5
Nerodia clarkii clarkii 3
Nerodia cyclopion 2
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster 5
Nerodia erythrogaster transversa 8
Nerodia fasciata confluens 5
Nerodia fasciata fasciata 2
Nerodia fasciata pictiventris 1
Nerodia rhombifer 6
Nerodia rhombifer rhombifer 9
Nerodia rhombifer werleri 1
Nerodia sipedon pleuralis 1
Nerodia taxispilota 2
Ninia sebae morleyi 1
Opheodrys aestivus aestivus 6
Opheodrys aestivus carinatus 1
Oxybelis aeneus 3
Oxybelis fulgidus 1
Oxyrhopus petola 1
Pantherophis bairdi 6
Pantherophis emoryi 17
Pantherophis guttatus 4
Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri 22
Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus 1
Pantherophis obsoletus quadrivittatus 1
Pantherophis obsoletus spiloides 1
Pantherophis slowinskii 3
Phyllorhynchus browni 1
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus 2
Pituophis catenifer affinis 8
Pituophis catenifer sayi 24
Pituophis deppei jani 3
Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus 1
Porthidium yucatanicum 1
Pseudoelaphe phascens 1
Regina grahamii 4
Regina rigida rigida 1
Regina rigida sinicola 3
Regina septemvittata 1
Rhadinaea flavilata 1
Rhadinaea gaigeae 1
Rhadinaea kanalchutchan 1
Rhinocheilus lecontei 13
Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae 7
Salvadora grahamiae lineata 6
Salvadora hexalepis deserticola 4
Salvadora hexalepis hexalepis 1
Seminatrix pygaea paludis 1
Senticolis triaspis intermedia 1
Senticolis triaspis triaspis 3
Sibon nebulata nebulata 1
Sibon sanniola sanniola 1
Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus 2
Sistrurus miliarius barbouri 2
Sistrurus miliarius miliarius 1
Sistrurus miliarius streckeri 4
Sonora semiannulata 3
Sonora semiannulata semiannulata 2
Sonora semiannulata taylori 2
Spilotes pullatus mexicanus 2
Stenorrhina freminvillei 3
Storeria dekayi dekayi 1
Storeria dekayi limnetes 2
Storeria dekayi texana 8
Storeria hidalgoensis 1
Storeria occipitomaculata obscura 1
Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata 1
Tantilla atriceps 1
Tantilla coronata 1
Tantilla cucullata 1
Tantilla gracilis 5
Tantilla hobartsmithi 1
Tantilla moesta 1
Tantilla nigriceps 6
Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus 1
Thamnophis elegans vagrans 1
Thamnophis marcianus 1
Thamnophis marcianus marcianus 22
Thamnophis marcianus praeocularis 2
Thamnophis proximus orarius 19
Thamnophis proximus proximus 4
Thamnophis proximus rubrilineatus 4
Thamnophis proximus rutiloris 1
Thamnophis sauritus nitae 1
Thamnophis sauritus sackenii 1
Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis 1
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis 1
Thamnophis validus celaeno 1
Trimorphodon biscutatus biscutatus 2
Trimorphodon vilkinsonii 1
Tropidoclonion lineatum 2
Tropidodipsas fasciata fasciatus 1
Tropidodipsas fischeri fischeri 1
Tropidodipsas sartorii sartorii 1
Virginia striatula 5

Taxon Count
Apalone spinifera emoryi 2
Apalone spinifera guadalupensis 2
Chelonia mydas 3
Chelydra serpentina serpentina 4
Deirochelys reticularia miaria 1
Deirochelys reticularia reticularia 1
Gopherus berlandieri 5
Gopherus polyphemus 1
Graptemys caglei 1
Graptemys versa 2
Kinosternon acutum 1
Kinosternon baurii 1
Kinosternon flavescens 5
Kinosternon leucostomum leucostomum 1
Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis 1
Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum 2
Lepidochelys olivacea 1
Macrochelys temminckii 1
Malaclemys terrapin centrata 1
Pseudemys concinna 1
Pseudemys concinna concinna 1
Pseudemys concinna floridana 1
Pseudemys gorzugi 1
Pseudemys texana 5
Sternotherus minor minor 1
Sternotherus odoratus 1
Terrapene carolina bauri 1
Terrapene carolina carolina 1
Terrapene carolina triunguis 1
Terrapene ornata ornata 2
Trachemys ornata 1
Trachemys scripta elegans 26
Trachemys scripta scripta 1

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WoW guys! I think I need to get out more. Cravens, you really don't believe in subspecies do ya!! LoL! Those are some really impressive lists. Most of my finds have come from two locations - the Sonoran Desert and the Tennessee Valley region, and some Coastal Carolina stuff, but not anything in numbers to what some of you guys have found. Impressive.

RocK ON!


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Impressive Cravens. Ozark Hellbender, THAT is a difficult one!

-Jake Scott

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Subspecies just give me more to look for. I have my opinions about them, but they're just opinions seeing how there's no real black and white answer in all cases anyways, just grey area. They are fun though, just look at all the L. triangulum we get to go looking for.


bishopi took some time, mostly because there was no current information available to me and I spent A LOT of time looking where populations once occurred but appear to extirpated now. I'm glad I listed that one before the heat was really turned on with federal listing. I would think twice about searching for them now.

The dusty hognose in Missouri is the one I'm most proud of. It took a lot of research and searching for suitable habitat. In the end, the habitat I found, with the snake, was purchased by MDC and preserved as a conservation area.

Thanks for the comments,

Michael Cravens

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i'm getting a laugh at what seems to be a bit of a "mine is longer than yours" competition, but seriously, nice work to all of you.


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Here's my US list I have a bunch of stuff from Mexico and Belize as well but I don't have it prepared. Sorry about the spacing. Copy/pasted from elsewhere and I'm too lazy to delete all the spaces! This is mostly based on the CNAH list but not the most recent version. I need to update it to match modern taxonomy but that is a project for a rainy day. -Mike

Total: 504 of 877 native forms (58%)

543 of 931 native and alien forms (58%)

<photo id="2" />

Salamanders (73 of 212 forms (34%))

Ambystoma californiense-California Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma cingulatum-Flatwoods Salamander

Ambystoma gracile-Northwestern Salamander

Ambystoma laterale-Blue-spotted Salamander

Ambystoma macrodactylum sigillatum- Southern Long-toed Salamander

Ambystoma maculatum-Spotted Salamander

Ambystoma mavortium mavortium-Barred Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma opacum-Marbled Salamander

Ambystoma talpoideum-Mole Salamander

Ambystoma texanum-Smallmouth Salamander

Amphiuma means-Two-toed Amphiuma

Amphiuma pholeter-One-toed Amphiuma

Amphiuma tridactylum-Three-toed Amphiuma

Aneides flavipunctatus flavipunctatus-Speckled Black Salamander

Aneides lugubris- Arboreal Salamander

Aneides niger- Santa Cruz Black Salamander

Aneides vagrans-Wandering Salamander

Batrachoseps altasierrae- Greenhorn Mountains Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps attenuatus-California Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps bramei-Fairview Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps campi- Inyo Mountains Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps gavilanensis- Gabilan Mountains Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps gregarius- Gregarious Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps incognitus- San Simeon Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps nigriventris- Blackbelly Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps relictus- Relict Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps robustus- Robust Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps simatus-Kern Canyon Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps stebbinsi-Tehachapi Slender Salamander

Desmognathus apalachicolae-Apalachicola Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus auriculatus-Southern Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus brimleyorum-Ouachita Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus conanti-Spotted Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus orestes-Blue Ridge Dusky Salamander

Dicamptodon ensatus- California Giant Salamander

Dicamptodon tenebrosus-Pacific Giant Salamander

Ensatina eschscholtzii croceater-Yellow-blotched Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii eschscholtzii- Monterey Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis-Oregon Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii picta-Painted Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii platensis- Sierra Nevada Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica- Yellow-eyed Ensatina

Ensatina klauberi-Large-blotched Ensatina

Eurycea cirrigera-Southern Two-lined Salamander

Eurycea guttolineata-Three-lined Salamander

Eurycea longicauda longicauda-Longtail Salamander

Eurycea longicauda melanopleura-Dark-sided Salamander

Eurycea lucifuga-Cave Salamander

Eurycea quadridigitata-Dwarf Salamander

Hydromantes platycephalus- Mt. Lyell Salamander

Hydromantes shastae-Shasta Salamander

Necturus alabamensis-Alabama Waterdog

Notophthalmus perstriatus-Striped Newt

Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis-Central Newt

Notophthalmus viridescens piaropicola-Peninsula Newt

Plethodon albagula-Western Slimy Salamander

Plethodon asupak-Scott Bar Salamander

Plethodon dorsalis-Northern Zigzag Salamander

Plethodon dunni-Dunn's Salamander

Plethodon elongatus-Del Norte Salamander

Plethodon grobmani-Southeastern Slimy Salamander

Pseudobranchus axanthus axanthus-Narrow-striped Dwarf Siren

Pseudobranchus striatus spheniscus-Slender Dwarf Siren

Pseudotriton ruber ruber-Northern Red Salamander

Pseudotriton ruber vioscai-Southern Red Salamander

Rhyacotriton variegatus-Southern Torrent Salamander

Siren intermedia intermedia-Eastern Lesser Siren

Siren lacertina-Greater Siren

Siren sp. nov.-Undescribed Siren

Taricha granulosa granulosa- Northern Roughskin Newt

Taricha torosa sierrae- Sierra Newt

Taricha torosa torosa-Coast Range Newt

Typhlotriton spelaeus-Grotto Salamander

<photo id="3" />

Frogs and Toads (77 of 112 forms (69%))

Acris crepitans blanchardi-Blanchard's Cricket Frog

Acris gryllus dorsalis-Florida Cricket Frog

Ascaphus truei- Pacific Tailed Frog

Bufo alvarius-Colorado River Toad

Bufo americanus americanus-Eastern American Toad

Bufo americanus charlesmithi-Dwarf American Toad

Bufo boreas boreas- Boreal Toad

Bufo boreas halophilus-California Toad

Bufo canorus- Yosemite Toad

Bufo cognatus-Great Plains Toad

Bufo debilis insidior-Western Green Toad

Bufo exsul-Black Toad

Bufo fowleri-Fowler's Toad

Bufo marinus-Cane Toad

Bufo nebulifer-Coastal Plain Toad

Bufo nelsoni- Amargosa Toad

Bufo punctatus-Red-spotted Toad

Bufo quercicus-Oak Toad

Bufo retiformis-Sonoran Green Toad

Bufo terrestris-Southern Toad

Bufo woodhousii velatus-Woodhouse's Toad

Bufo woodhousii woodhousii-Woodhouse's Toad

Eleutherodactylus augusti cactorum-Western Barking Frog

Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides campi-Rio Grande Chirping Frog

Gastrophryne carolinensis-Eastern Narrowmouth Toad

Gastrophyrne olivacea-Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad

Hyla arenicolor-Canyon Treefrog

Hyla avivoca-Bird-voiced Treefrog

Hyla chrysoscelis-Cope's Gray Treefrog

Hyla cinerea-Green Treefrog

Hyla eximia (wrightorum)-Mountain Treefrog

Hyla femoralis-Pine Woods Treefrog

Hyla gratiosa-Barking Treefrog

Hyla squirella-Squirrel Treefrog

Hyla versicolor-Gray Treefrog

Hypopachus variolosus-Sheep Frog

Leptodactylus labialis-White-lipped Frog

Osteopilus septentrionalis-Cuban Treefrog

Pseudacris cadaverina-California Chorus Frog

Pseudacris clarkii-Spotted Chorus Frog

Pseudacris crucifer bartramiana- Southern Spring Peeper

Pseudacris feriarum-Upland Chorus Frog

Pseudacris nigrita nigrita-Southern Chorus Frog

Pseudacris nigrita verrucosa-Florida Chorus Frog

Pseudacris ocularis-Little Grass Frog

Pseudacris ornata-Ornate Chorus Frog

Pseudacris regilla-Pacific Chorus Frog

Pseudacris triseriata-Western Chorus Frog

Pternohyla fodiens-Lowland Burrowing Treefrog

Rana aurora draytonii- California Red-legged Frog

Rana berlandieri-Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Rana blairi-Plains Leopard Frog

Rana boylii- Foothill Yellow-legged Frog

Rana capito-Carolina Gopher Frog

Rana cascadae- Cascades Frog

Rana catesbeiana-Bullfrog

Rana chiricahhuensis-Chiricahua Leopard Frog

Rana clamitans clamitans-Bronze Frog

Rana clamitans melanota-Green Frog

Rana grylio-Pig Frog

Rana heckscheri-River Frog

Rana muscosa-Mountain Yellow-legged Frog

Rana palustris-Pickeral Frog

Rana pipiens-Northern Leopard Frog

Rana sierrae- Sierra Yellow-legged Frog

Rana sphenocephala spenocephala-Florida Leopard Frog

Rana sphenocephala utricularius-Southern Leopard Frog

Rana subaquavocalis-Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog

Rana yavapaiensis-Lowland Leopard Frog

Scaphiopus couchii-Couch's Spadefoot

Scaphiopus holbrookii-Eastern Spadefoot

Scaphiopus hurterii-Hurter's Spadefoot

Smilisca baudinii-Mexican Treefrog

Spea bombifrons-Plains Spadefoot

Spea hammondii-Western Spadefoot

Spea intermontana- Great Basin Spadefoot

Spea multiplicata-New Mexico Spadefoot

<photo id="1" />

Crocodilians (2 of 2 forms (100%))

Alligator mississippiensis-American Alligator

Crocodylus acutus-American Crocodile

<photo id="4" />

Turtles and Tortoises (50 of 91 forms (55%))

Actinemys marmorata marmorata- Northwestern Pond Turtle

Actinemys marmorata pallida-Southwestern Pond Turtle

Apalone ferox-Florida Softshell

Apalone mutica mutica-Midland Smooth Softshell

Apalone spinifera aspera-Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell

Apalone spinifera hartwegi-Western Spiny Softshell

Apalone spinifera pallida-Pallid Spiny Softshell

Caretta caretta-Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas-Green Sea Turtle

Chelydra serpentina osceola-Florida Snapping Turtle

Chelydra serpentina serpentina-Common Snapping Turtle

Chrysemys picta bellii-Western Painted Turtle

Chrysemys picta dorsalis-Southern Painted Turtle

Chrysemys picta marginata-Midland Painted Turtle

Deirochelys reticularia chrysea-Florida Chicken Turtle

Deirochelys reticularia reticularia-Eastern Chicken Turtle

Eretmochelys imbricata imbricata-Atlantic Hawksbill Turtle

Gopherus agassizii-Desert Tortoise

Gopherus berlandieri-Texas Tortoise

Gopherus morafkai- Morafka's Desert Tortoise

Gopherus polyphemus-Gopher Tortoise

Graptemys barbouri-Barbour's Map Turtle

Graptemys geographica-Common Map Turtle

Graptemys ouachitensis ouachitensis-Ouachita Map Turtle

Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii-Mississippi Map Turtle

Graptemys pseudogeographica pseudogeographica-False Map Turtle

Kinosternon baurii-Striped Mud Turtle

Kinosternon flavescens-Yellow Mud Turtle

Kinosternon sonoriense (ssp=longifemorale or sonoriense?)-Sonoran Mud Turtle

Kinosternon subrubrum steindachneri-Florida Mud Turtle

Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum-Eastern Mud Turtle

Macrochelys temminckii-Alligator Snapping Turtle

Malaclemys terrapin macrospilota-Ornate Diamondback Terrapin

Malaclemys terrapin rhizophorarum-Mangrove Diamondback Terrapin

Pseudemys concinna-Eastern River Cooter

Pseudemys floridana-Florida Cooter

Pseudemys nelsoni-Florida Redbelly Turtle

Pseudemys peninsularis-Peninsula Cooter

Pseudemys suwanniensis-Suwannee River Cooter

Sternotherus minor minor-Loggerhead Musk Turtle

Sternotherus minor peltifer-Stripeneck Musk Turtle

Sternotherus odoratus-Common Musk Turtle

Terrapene carolina bauri-Florida Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina carolina-Eastern Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina major-Gulf Coast Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina triunguis-Three-toed Box Turtle

Terrapene ornata luteola-Desert Box Turtle

Terrapene ornata ornata-Ornate Box Turtle

Trachemys scripta elegans-Red-eared Slider

Trachemys scripta scripta-Yellowbelly Slider

Worm Lizards (0 of 1 forms (0%))

<photo id="5" />

Lizards (111 of 176 forms (63%))

Anniella pulchra nigra- Black Legless Lizard

Anolis carolinensis carolinensis-Northern Green Anole

Anolis carolinensis seminolus-Southern Green Anole

Callisaurus draconoides myurus- Nevada Zebratail Lizard

Callisaurus draconoides rhodostictus-Mojave Zebratail Lizard

Callisaurus draconoides ventralis- Eastern Zebratail Lizard

Cnemidophorus arizonae-Arizona Striped Whiptail

Cnemidophorus burti stictogrammus-Giant Spotted Whiptail

Cnemidophorus hyperythrus-Orangethroat Whiptail

Cnemidophorus laredoensis-Laredo Striped Whiptail

Cnemidophorus neotesselatus-Southeastern Colorado Whiptail

Cnemidophorus sexlineatus sexlineatus-Six-lined Racerunner

Cnemidophorus sexlineatus viridis-Prairie Racerunner

Cnemidophorus tigris mundus- California Whiptail

Cnemidophorus tigris punctilineatis- Southern Whiptail

Cnemidophorus tigris stejnegeri-Coastal Whiptail

Cnemidophorus tigris tigris-Great Basin Whiptail

Cnemidophorus uniparens-Desert Grassland Whiptail

Cnemidophorus velox-Plateau Striped Whiptail

Coleonyx brevis-Texas Banded Gecko

Coleonyx switaki switaki-Peninsular Barefoot Gecko

Coleonyx variegatus abbotti-San Diego Banded Gecko

Coleonyx variegatus bogerti-Tucson Banded Gecko

Coleonyx variegatus variegatus-Desert Banded Gecko

Cophosaurus texanus scitulus-Southwestern Earless Lizard

Crotaphytus bicinctores- Mojave Black-collared Lizard

Crotaphytus collaris-Eastern Collared Lizard

Crotaphytus reticulatus-Reticulate Collared Lizard

Crotaphytus vestigium-Baja Black-collared Lizard

Dipsosaurus dorsalis dorsalis-Desert Iguana

Elgaria coerulea coerulea- San Francisco Alligator Lizard

Elgaria coerulea palmeri- Sierra Alligator Lizard

Elgaria kingii nobilis-Arizona Alligator Lizard

Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata- California Alligator Lizard

Elgaria multicarinata scincicauda- Oregon Alligator Lizard

Elgaria multicarinata webbii-San Diego Alligator Lizard

Eumeces anthracinus pluvialis-Southern Coal Skink

Eumeces callicephalus-Mountain Skink

Eumeces egregius lividus-Bluetail Mole Skink

Eumeces egregius onocrepis-Peninsula Mole Skink

Eumeces fasciatus-Five-lined Skink

Eumeces gilberti gilberti- Greater Brown Skink

Eumeces gilberti rubricaudatus-Western Redtail Skink

Eumeces inexpectatus-Southeastern Five-lined Skink

Eumeces laticeps-Broadhead Skink

Eumeces multivirgatus gaigeae-Variable Skink

Eumeces multivirgatus multivirgatus-Northern Many-lined Skink

Eumeces obsoletus-Great Plains Skink

Eumeces obtusirostris obtusirostris-Southern Prairie Skink

Eumeces septentrionalis-Northern Prairie Skink

Eumeces skiltonianus skiltonianus-Western Skink

Eumeces tetragrammus tetragrammus-Four-lined Skink

Gambelia copeii-Cope's Leopard Lizard

Gambelia sila- Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard

Gambelia wislizenii-Longnose Leopard Lizard

Heloderma suspectum suspectum-Reticulate Gila Monster

Holbrookia maculata approximans- Speckled Earless Lizard

Holbrookia maculata maculata-Northern Earless Lizard

Neoseps reynoldsi-Sand Skink

Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus-Western Slender Glass Lizard

Ophisaurus compressus-Island Glass Lizard

Ophisaurus ventralis-Eastern Glass Lizard

Petrosaurus mearnsi-Banded Rock Lizard

Phrynosoma cornutum-Texas Horned Lizard

Phrynosoma coronatum- Coast Horned Lizard

Phrynosoma hernandesi hernandesi-Mountain Short-horned Lizard

Phrynosoma mcallii-Flat-tail Horned Lizard

Phrynosoma platyrhinos calidiarum-Southern Desert Horned Lizard

Phyrnosoma platyrhinos goodei-Goode's Desert Horned Lizard

Phrynosoma solare-Regal Horned Lizard

Phyllodactylus nocticolus nocticolus-Peninsula Leaf-toed Gecko

Sauromalus ater-Chuckwalla

Sceloporus clarkii-Clark's Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus consobrinus-Prairie Lizard

Sceloporus graciosus gracilis- Western Sagebrush Lizard

Sceloporus graciosus graciosus- Northern Sagebrush Lizard

Sceloporus jarrovii-Yarrow's Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus magister-Desert Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus occidentalis biseriatus- San Joaquin Fence Lizard

Sceloporus occidentalis bocourtii- Coast Range Fence Lizard

Sceloporus occidentalis longipes-Great Basin Fence Lizard

Sceloporus occidentalis occidentalis-Northwestern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus olivaceus-Texas Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus orcutti-Granite Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus poinsettii poinsettii-Crevie Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus serrifer cyanogenys-Blue Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus slevini-Bunch Grass Lizard

Sceloporus undulatus-Eastern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus vandenburgianus-Southern Sagebrush Lizard

Sceloporus variabilis marmoratus-Rosebelly Lizard

Sceloporus virgatus-Striped Plateau Lizard

Sceloporus woodi-Florida Scrub Lizard

Scincella lateralis-Ground Skink

Sphaerodactylus notatus notatus-Florida Reef Gecko

Uma inornata-Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard

Uma notata-Colorado Desert Fringe-toed Lizard

Uma rufopunctata-Sonoran Fringe-toed Lizard

Uma scoparia-Mojave Fring-toed Lizard

Urosaurus graciosus-Western Brush Lizard

Urosaurus nigricaudus-Blacktail Brush Lizard

Urosaurus ornatus-Tree Lizard

Uta stansburiana elegans-California Side-blotched Lizard

Uta stansburiana nevadensis- Nevada Side-blotched Lizard

Uta stansburiana stejnegeri-Desert Side-blotched Lizard

Uta stansburiana uniformis- Plateau Side-blotched Lizard

Xantusia bezyi-Bezy's Night Lizard

Xantusia henshawi-Granite Night Lizard

Xantusa sierrae-Sierra Night Lizard

Xantusia vigilis- Desert Night Lizard

Xantusia wigginsi- Baja California Night Lizard

<photo id="6" />

Snakes (189 of 284 forms (67%))

Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix-Southern Copperhead

Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus-Broad-banded Copperhead

Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen-Northern Copperhead

Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster-Osage Copperhead

Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti-Florida Cottonmouth

Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma-Western Cottonmouth

Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus-Eastern Cottonmouth

Arizona elegans arenicola-Texas Glossy Snake

Arizona elegans elegans-Kansas Glossy Snake

Arizona elegans philipi-Painted Desert Glossy Snake

Arizona occidentalis candida-Mojave Glossy Snake

Arizona occidentalis eburnata-Desert Glossy Snake

Arizona occidentalis noctivaga-Arizona Glossy Snake

Arizona occidentalis occidentalis-California Glossy Snake

Bogertophis rosaliae-Baja California Rat Snake

Carphophis vermis-Western Worm Snake

Cemophora coccinea coccinea-Florida Scarlet Snake

Cemophora coccinea copei-Northern Scarlet Snake

Charina trivirgata gracia-Desert Rosy Boa

Charina trivirgata roseofusca-Coastal Rosy Boa

Charina trivirgata trivirgata-Mexican Rosy Boa

Charina bottae- Northern Rubber Boa

Charina umbratica-Southern Rubber Boa

Chilomeniscus stramineus-Western Sand Snake

Chionactis occipitalis annulata-Colorado Desert Shovelnose Snake

Chionactis occipitalis occipitalis-Mojave Shovelnose Snake

Coluber constrictor constrictor-Northern Black Racer

Coluber constrictor flaviventris-Yellowbelly Racer

Coluber constrictor helvigularis-Browchin Racer

Coluber constrictor paludicola-Everglades Racer

Coluber constrictor priapus-Southern Black Racer

Coluber mormon-Western Racer

Contia longicaudae- Forest Sharp-tailed Snake

Contia tenuis-Sharp-tailed Snake

Coniophanes imperialis imperialis-Black-striped Snake

Crotalus adamanteus-Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Crotalus atrox-Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Crotalus cerastes cerastes-Mojave Desert Sidewinder

Crotalus cerastes cercobombus-Sonoran Sidewinder

Crotalus cerastes laterorepens-Colorado Desert Sidewinder

Crotalus horridus-Timber Rattlesnake

Crotalus lepidus klauberi-Banded Rock Rattlesnake

Crotalus mitchelli pyrrhus-Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake

Crotalus mitchelli stephensi-Panamint Speckled Rattlesnake

Crotalus molossus molossus-Blacktail Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus abyssus-Grand Canyon Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus cerberus-Arizona Black Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus helleri-Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus lutosus- Great Basin Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus oreganus- Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

Crotalus pricei pricei-Twin-spotted Rattlesnake

Crotalus ruber-Red Diamond Rattlesnake

Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus-Mojave Rattlesnake

Crotalus tigris-Tiger Rattlesnake

Crotalus viridis viridis-Prairie Rattlesnake

Crotalus willardi willardi-Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake

Diadophis punctatus amabilis- Pacific Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus arnyi-Prairie Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus edwardsii-Northern Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus punctatus-Southern Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus regalis-Regal Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus similis-San Diego Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus stictogenys-Mississippi Ringneck Snake

Drymarchon corais erebennus-Texas Indigo Snake

Drymarchon couperi-Eastern Indigo Snake

Drymobius margaritiferus margaritiferus-Northern Speckled Racer

Farancia abacura abacura-Eastern Mud Snake

Farancia abacura reinwardtii-Western Mud Snake

Heterodon nasicus kennerlyi-Mexican Hognose Snake

Heterodon nasicus nasicus-Plains Hognose Snake

Heterodon platirhinos-Eastern Hognose Snake

Hypsiglena torquata jani-Texas Night Snake

Hypsiglena torquata loreala-Mesa Verde Night Snake

Hypsiglena torquata nuchalata-California Night Snake

Hypsiglena torquata ochrorhyncha-Spotted Night Snake

Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster-Prairie Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula californiae-California Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula floridana-Florida Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula holbrooki-Speckled Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula meansi-Appalachicola Lowland Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula nigra-Black Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula nigrita-Black Desert Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula splendida-Desert Kingsnake

Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana-Arizona Mountain Kingsnake

Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides-Scarlet Kingsnake

Lampropeltis triangulum gentilis-Central Plains Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum multistriata-Pale Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum syspila-Red Milk Snake

Lampropeltis zonata-California Mountain Kingsnake

Leptotyphlops dulcis dulcis-Texas Blind Snake

Leptotyphlops humilis cahuilae-Southwestern Blind Snake

Leptotyphlops humilis humilis-Southwestern Blind Snake

Leptodeira septentrionalis septentrionalis-Northern Cat-eyed Snake

Masticophis bilineatus-Sonoran Whipsnake

Masticophis flagellum cingulum-Sonoran Coachwhip

Masticophis flagellum flagellum-Eastern Coachwhip

Masticophis flagellum fuliginosus-Baja California Coachwhip

Masticophis flagellum piceus-Red Coachwhip

Masticophis flagellum ruddocki- San Joaquin Coachwhip

Masticophis flagellum testaceus-Western Coachwhip

Masticophis lateralis lateralis-California Striped Racer

Masticophis schotti ruthveni-Ruthven's Whipsnake

Masticophis taeniatus girardi-Central Texas Whipsnake

Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus-Desert Striped Whipsnake

Micruroides euryxanthus euryxanthus-Arizona Coral Snake

Micrurus fulvius-Eastern Coral Snake

Nerodia clarkii clarkii-Gulf Coast Salt Marsh Snake

Nerodia clarkii compressicauda-Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake

Nerodia cyclopion-Mississippi Green Water Snake

Nerodia erythrogaster erythrogaster-Redbelly Water Snake

Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster-Yellowbelly Water Snake

Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta-Copperbelly Water Snake

Nerodia erythrogaster transversa-Blotched Water Snake

Nerodia fasciata confluens-Broad-banded Water Snake

Nerodia fasciata fasciata-Banded Water Snake

Nerodia fasciata pictiventris-Florida Water Snake

Nerodia floridana-Florida Green Water Snake

Nerodia rhombifer rhombifer-Diamondback Water Snake

Nerodia sipedon pleuralis-Midland Water Snake

Nerodia sipedon sipedon-Northern Water Snake

Nerodia taxispilota-Brown Water Snake

Opheodrys aestivus-Rough Green Snake

Pantherophis alleghaniensis-Eastern Rat Snake

Pantherophis emoryi emoryi-Northern Plains Rat Snake

Pantherophis emoryi meahllmorum-Southern Plains Rat Snake

Pantherophis guttata-Corn Snake

Pantherophis obsoleta-Western Rat Snake

Pantherophis spiloides-Midland Rat Snake

Pantherophis vulpina-Western Fox Snake

Phyllorhynchus browni-Saddled Leafnose Snake

Phyllorhynchus decurtatus-Spotted Leafnose Snake

Pituophis catenifer affinis-Sonoran Gopher Snake

Pituophis catenifer annectens-Sand Diego Gopher Snake

Pituophis catenifer catenifer-Pacific Gopher Snake

Pituophis catenifer deserticola-Great Basin Gopher Snake

Pituophis catenifer sayi-Bullsnake

Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus-Florida Pine Snake

Regina alleni-Striped Crayfish Snake

Regina grahamii-Graham's Crayfish Snake

Regina rigida rigida-Glossy Crayfish Snake

Rhadinea flavilata-Pine Woods Snake

Rhinocheilus lecontei lecontei-Western Longnose Snake

Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus-Texas Longnose Snake

Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae-Moutain Patchnose Snake

Salvadora grahamiae lineata-Texas Patchnose Snake

Salvadora hexalepis hexalepis-Desert Patchnose Snake

Salvadora hexalepis mojavensis-Mojave Patchnose Snake

Salvadora hexalepis virgultea-Coast Patchnose Snake

Seminatrix pygaea cyclas-South Florida Swamp Snake

Seminatrix pygaea pygaea-North Florida Swamp Snake

Sistrurus catenatus catenatus-Eastern Massasauga

Sistrurus catenatus edwardsii-Desert Massasauga

Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus-Western massasauga

Sistrurus miliarius barbouri-Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake

Sistrurus miliarius streckeri-Western Pigmy Rattlesnake

Sonora semiannulata-Ground Snake

Storeria dekayi texana-Texas Brown Snake

Storeria dekayi victa-Florida Brown Snake

Storeria dekayi wrightorum-Midland Brown Snake

Storeria occipitomaculata obscura-Florida Redbelly Snake

Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata-Northern Redbelly Snake

Tantilla gracilis-Flathead Snake

Tantilla hobartsmithi-Southwestern Blackhead Snake

Tantilla nigriceps-Plains Blackhead Snake

Tantilla oolitica-Rim Rock Crowned Snake

Tantilla planiceps- Western Blackhead Snake

Thamnophis atratus atratus- Santa Cruz Garter Snake

Thamnophis couchii- Sierra Garter Snake

Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis-Western Blackneck Garter Snake

Thamnophis elegans elegans- Mountain Garter Snake

Thamnophis elegans terrestris- Coast Garter Snake

Thamnophis gigas- Giant Garter Snake

Thamnophis hammondii-Two-striped Garter Snake

Thamnophis marcianus marcianus-Marcy's Checkered Garter Snake

Thamnophis proximus orarius-Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis proximus proximus-Western Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis radix-Plains Garter Snake

Thamnophis sauritus sackenii-Peninsula Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis sauritus sauritus-Eastern Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis annectens-Texas Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis fitchi- Valley Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis-California Red-sided Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis-Red-sided Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis-Eastern Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia- San Francisco Garter Snake

Trimorphodon biscutatus lambda-Sonoran Lyre Snake

Trimorphodon biscutatus lyrophanes-Baja California Lyre Snake

Tropidoclonion lineatum-Lined Snake

Virginia striatula-Rough Earth Snake

Virginia valeriae elegans-Western Earth Snake

<photo id="7" />

Alien Species (39 of 54 forms (72%))

Eleutherodactylus planirostris-Greenhouse Frog

Caiman crocodilus-Spectacled Caiman

Agama agama-Common Agama

Ameiva ameiva-Giant Ameiva

Anolis cristatellus-Puerto Rican Crested Anole

Anolis cybotes-Largehead Anole

Anolis distichus-Bark Anole

Anolis equestris-Knight Anole

Anolis sagrei-Brown Anole

Basiliscus vittatus-Brown Basilisk

Chameleo calyptratus-Veiled Chameleon

Ctenosaura pectinata-Mexican Spinytail Iguana

Ctenosaura similis-Black Spinytail Iguana

Cynops sp.-Fire-bellied Newt

Dendropsophus marmoratus-Marbled Treefrog

Furcifer oustaleti-Oustalet's Chameleon

Gekko gecko-Tokay Gecko

Gekko grossmanni-Marbled Gecko

Gekko ulikovskii-Golden Gecko

Gekko vittatus-Skunk Gecko

Hemidactylus frenatus-Common House Gecko

Hemidactylus garnotii-Indo-Pacific Gecko

Hemidactylus mabouia-Tropical Gecko

Hemidactylus turcicus-Mediterranean Gecko

Hyperolius sp.-African Reed Frog

Iguana iguana-Green Iguana

Leiocephalus carinatus-Northern Curlytail Lizard

Leiolepis belliana-Butterfly Lizard

Litorea caerulea-White's Tree Frog

Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis-Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Podarcis sicula-Italian Wall Lizard

Python molurus-Indian Python

Python regius-Ball Python

Python sebae-Northern African Python

Ramphotyphlops braminus-Brahminy Blind Snake

Riopa fernandi-Fire Skink

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 25th, 2012, 6:10 pm 
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Mike Rochford wrote:

Total: 504 of 877 native forms (58%)

543 of 931 native and alien forms (58%)

I like those statistics (and the numbers too). I'll have to check where I stand with that.

I've been keeping a list on the web for years, and I've probably made it more detailed than is sensible:

Mike, closing in on 500

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 25th, 2012, 9:23 pm 
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Of the ~ 9000 species of reptiles, I've seen around 400 species for a grand total of.....(drum roll)....4.4%
For amphibians, it is worse. I've seen around 140 of the ~6700 species for a total of ......2.1%

(The sad thing is that I have seen 1897 of the 10000 species of birds, which is 18%. I suck at herping, clearly).

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 26th, 2012, 7:19 am 
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I'm in the same boat, and the worst part is, I have a limited amount of cash, and only a couple good decades left :cry:

Good job on the birds. A herp in the hand is worth ten birds in a bush, methinks.

chrish wrote:
Of the ~ 9000 species of reptiles, I've seen around 400 species for a grand total of.....(drum roll)....4.4%
For amphibians, it is worse. I've seen around 140 of the ~6700 species for a total of ......2.1%

(The sad thing is that I have seen 1897 of the 10000 species of birds, which is 18%. I suck at herping, clearly).

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 Post subject: Re: Just for Fun: Life Lists
PostPosted: July 26th, 2012, 11:57 am 
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Mike Rochford wrote:

Total: 504 of 877 native forms (58%)

543 of 931 native and alien forms (58%)

What do those number correspond to? Looking at the CNAH list I can come up with 629 native herp species in the US/Canada and 700 with non-native.

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