Been a bit busy to herp...

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Paul White
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Been a bit busy to herp...

Post by Paul White »

because of Samuel Joseph White, born November 10, 2012. Born a wee bit early and kind of rough but doing OK now. We're tired, but life's getting back to a new normal.


I don't know if next year's gonna be any better; A: we've still been dry as a bone (no frigging rain for....4 months??) and B: I'm gonna be busy next season with the kiddo. But hey, I can introduce him to my pets right?

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Re: Been a bit busy to herp...

Post by gretzkyrh4 »

Congrats Paul!

Maybe he'll turn out to be one of those babies who only sleeps in the car. That could lead to lots of road cruising.

Hope the rains come soon and things continue to go well into 2013.


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