Hualapai Herping [Video]

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Zonata Don't Exist
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Hualapai Herping [Video]

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Video from a late September trip to the Hualapai Mountains in northern Arizona. The coachwhips, tortoises, and sidewinder were all from the Vegas area, but everything else was from the Hualapais and the surroudning area. After years of searching for Zonata in NorCal (see username), I finally found a mountain kingsnake!

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Re: Hualapai Herping [Video]

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I’d suggest this is more of an achievement than finding a NorCal zonata, but that’s just me. :) Well done! The music bed was entertaining, felt like Michael Myers was going to show up and start slaying. LOL Fun stuff. Look forward to the next video. Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Hualapai Herping [Video]

Post by Fieldherper »

Great stuff. I have tried the Hualapais a few times, but have not seen a pyro there.

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Re: Hualapai Herping [Video]

Post by herpseeker1978 »

Awesome stuff!

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