Paraguay Images Request

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Kelly Mc
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Paraguay Images Request

Post by Kelly Mc »

Hi guys, I am interested in looking at chunks of Paraguay habitat, all biomes and types.

All Paraguay herps and other animals at close range would be so gratefully absorbed.

Any text about your personal experiences, observations about climate, micro habs, flora and fauna also appreciated.

I haven't tried the search feature yet, I will do that also but I also wanted to ask fresh.

Thank you for any of the above


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Paul Freed
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Re: Paraguay Images Request

Post by Paul Freed »

Hi Kelly,

If you can find a copy of the book: Amphibians and Reptiles of the Paraguayan Chaco, by Trutnau, Monzel, and Consul (2016 Chimaira publication, although unfortunately it's in German), it has lots of habitat and biome pictures as well as numerous amphibian and reptile images from northwestern Paraguay.

I've been there twice and have observed about 100 herp species, many of which are really spectacular, especially the snakes. In a single night, cruising the main road north from the capital (Asuncion), I encountered 16 species of snakes, represented by five families: blind snakes, boas, colubrids, elapids, and vipers! Not to mention lots of lizards and frogs. If you are planning to visit Paraguay you will not be disappointed.

Best of luck!


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