(legal) Zonata Keepers

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(legal) Zonata Keepers

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Not all people involved with the husbandry of Zonatas are obtuse habitat destroyers. Keeping Zonata is a sensitized topic, they are fetishized; even though there are tri-colored lampropeltis with equally stunning banding that are 'easier' to feed, and less spatially demanding.

My guy is a gifted hatchling from a gravid WC female (herper had a propagation permit) legally collected from a herper, very much enamored with the species.

I hatched him and his sibs in my cabinet and agreed to sex the brood and in return if I wanted, have pick of the litter.

Because of the "sensitivities" associated with the species, I mean, if you are that worried about what other herpers think about your having legally collected a Z, well, just dont do it. Simple.

As someone most familiar with standard CB animals or imported WCs, the paranoia, withn a legal perimeter was odd. And then I realized it was a Peer or, 'social' concern.

Transparency is invincible.

The truth is they are an interesting species and different than other lampropeltis to keep, if one is keeping with subject Q.O.L in mind.

I know there are keepers out there who have experienced the fascinating behaviors these animals express when afforded an opportunity beyond neurological reflex of feeding and copulating in a breed bin.

I have kept thousands of snakes and my guy is one of the most expansively astute species I have ever kept.

Anyone observed the same?

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