Larue for the rest of the spring

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Larue for the rest of the spring

Post by MichaelCravens »

Just for anyone who might be planning a trip this spring, it is my opinion that the migration over for the season. I've been there a couple of times this week and other than birds and salamanders, its a desolate place. I don't want to be a buzz kill for anyone who has a trip in the works, there are plenty of other good spots close by, just wanted to pass along the info in case it was useful.

Michael Cravens

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Re: Larue for the rest of the spring

Post by seanchilders »

That's quite a bummer, I will be there a week from today, maybe this cold front will buy me a week..........regardless I'm sure ill see something. But fair warning is appreciated.....

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Re: Larue for the rest of the spring

Post by Wayne_MO »

It's usually like that by mid-April. While there are several good weekends in the fall, there is usually one small window in the spring where it is spectacular and they all move at once (usually early April...sometimes late March) and then whoosh...the migration is over and you just find a handful of snakes randomly without the spring concentrations at dens or spring migration.

The migration is over here too which is usually a few days later than snake road. A few days back I found 110 snakes in 4 hours here and then two days ago I had to work hard just to find a handful of snakes.

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Re: Larue for the rest of the spring

Post by Trey »

Well I read this too late and I'm out here at snake road right now and for the next two days. Searched hard today and didn't find much. If anyone wants to help me and my buddyy out maybe show us around that'd be awesome. I'd hate to feel like I drove 10 hours for nothing.

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