Central Queensland (Rockhampton) New resident

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Central Queensland (Rockhampton) New resident

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Hi guys,

I'm from Sydney, NSW and have been herping all over down here, specifically places like:

Royal National Park, NSW
Blue Mountains National Park, NSW
Yass, Canberra
Cobar, NSW
Central Coast, NSW
And many more locations

I'm moving up to Rockhampton in a month and was looking for information on what species are found up that way or the surrounds? I have looked at areas like Mount Morgan, Banana, Biloela, Moura, Rockhampton, but cannot find much information on what to see at those spots, can anyone who's herped before up this way give me a species list or what they have seen up there? Not asking for specific locations at all, just a rough area and what I will see etc as I've never ever travelled up this far before.

Thanks again nice to meet you all💪
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Re: Central Queensland (Rockhampton) New resident

Post by csalemi731 »

maybe this will help. I searched "rockhampton, QLD" in inaturalist and came up with this list of reptiles and amphibians found in the area.
https://www.inaturalist.org/observation ... a,Reptilia
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