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Posted: September 21st, 2022, 10:15 am
by taonaturalist
I have a friend from abroad who does nature tours for a living and has travelled to most of the rain forests of the world. But he has never seen a rattlesnake (strange to me since I live in Texas and grew up in Georgia) and would like to see one. The other weird thing he has never seen is an armadillo but that is easilly accomplished on a trip up here. We are planning a trip in 2023 to search for rattlesnakes. Where and when would you recommend for the best chance to see rattlers and different species? Arizona has the most species but I hear monsoon season is the best time and that is hit and miss. I am considering Nevada, west Texas, south Texas, south Georgia or northern Florida, Utah and New Mexico. We are die hard naturalists and will spend 18-20 hours in a day searching on a good expedition. He visited me here north of Houston and we went looking for timber rattlers but we were happy to find a copperhead, water snakes, a hognose, and ribbon snakes in the two days searching. I would like to improve the odds and will take any suggestions to heart. Thanks in advance.