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Intro for New Member and Question for Anza Borrego

Posted: March 18th, 2023, 10:25 am
by Cebusman
Hi, I recently joined the forum but have been getting out into the field for many years. I'm a primatologist by profession but love herping. Located in NY but have been out to CA many times (mostly SoCal; my brother lives there and now my son is at UCI) and always try to get out when I am there. Last trip to CA in late Sept 22 we (my wife and son also) got out to the Newberry Springs area off Rte 66 and near Desert Center off Rte 10. Had two great trips by our standards as we saw many chuckwallas, multiple desert iguanas, a desert spiny lizard, desert tortoises, a rattlesnake (couldn't be sure, probably western diamondback), whiptails, desert horned lizard, banded geckoes and a couple of desert collared lizards. They were my wife's first desert trips and now she is also a fan. Sorry for not posting pictures this time (I have some and will in the future). We only locate, view, sometimes catch and release. NO Collecting. Anything flipped is returned to the way we found it.

Next week we are planning to visit my son for his Spring Break and we are planning to get out to the Anza Borrego area (CA has been a bit cool so it should be warmer there and things may be out). I have camped at Coachwhip Canyon and Ella Wash (that was my son's first trip when he was 8 and he learned how to find desert iguanas!). But I am unfamiliar with other areas in Anza Borrego where we might do some field herping.

So I am asking for suggestions of other places in and around Anza Borrego (or even closer to the Irvine area) where we might do some day trips for field herping. Any suggestions are much appreciated. If you don't want to publicize your favorite areas you can send me a personal message at: [email protected]

Again, thanks for any suggestions and I look forward to future postings!

Re: Intro for New Member and Question for Anza Borrego

Posted: March 20th, 2023, 4:50 pm
by Kfen
Welcome to the forum! Specific locations are rarely if ever given out, especially publicly, and especially to new members. If you had some general time of year type questions maybe someone will chime in. I have never been to CA so certainly can't help at all, but good luck and please post some pics.

Can I ask what exactly you do as a primatologist? Sounds very interesting.

Re: Intro for New Member and Question for Anza Borrego

Posted: March 20th, 2023, 6:23 pm
by Cebusman
Thanks, Kfen. I thought people might not want to publicize, which is why I gave an email address and tried to make it clear that I just want to view (though anyone could say that). As a surf fisherman out east, I understand how people are reluctant to give out locations. But years back, on another herp forum, a fairly renowned (in my opinion) field herpetologist PMed me a location that has turned out to be one of my favorite locations in SoCal. I am ever so thankful for his kind generosity and trust. So I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.